Tap Shap review: “Improve your reaction skills”

Tap Shap review: "Improve your reaction skills"

There’s actually more overlap between the young and old than one might realize, particularly when it comes to response and reaction times. This is something we all should sharpen and keep sharp which is the point of Tap Shap by Kida Studios. The game is entirely tap and timing based as you control the orientation of a multicolored circle. Objects of similar color will fall towards the circle and you need to make sure the points of contact match. An arguably endless exercise, it becomes about setting personal bests while letting you flex your reflexes as many times as you’d like.

What is Tap Shap?

Reaction games are meant to be simple and easy to understand for the purposes of focus. Tap Shap accomplishes this within the first few seconds of booting it up. At the start, you get control over a circle at the bottom of your screen that has two colors covering 50/50 of its form. By tapping the screen, the circle will rotate counterclockwise rapidly. Each tap causes it to spin 45 degrees changing the orientation of the colors. After a few seconds, objects will start falling toward the circle and you need to match the patterns with your circle in order to pass through safely. Whether your attempts are long or short, at least you’ll have digital gems to show for it.

Tap Shap is Quick and Effective

Honestly, there’s not much to say about Tap Shap. It is possibly one of the simplest games I’ve ever played. It has an appeal similar to that hand-slapping game you played as a child with your friends, enemies, or family members. Except, instead of another person, you’re playing against the game and, in a way, your past self. The patterns are pretty simple, alternating between one color or bisecting two, but this is all that’s needed. The speed gradually increases the longer you play to the point where the objects start to blur together. You need fast reaction times, of course, but you also need to be thinking about what lies ahead… preparing to respond.

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It’s also a fast and flashy game that can hold your attention for short bursts at a time. The vibrant colors combined with the poppy music make an effective combo that doesn’t negatively impact your concentration. It’s also built in a way that failure is expected, but you can jump back in still energized and ready to get even further than before.

Missing some Tap Shap

It’s not easy to criticize a game like this due to its simplicity and purpose. It does exactly what it aims to and makes itself accessible to those who can benefit from it at no extra charge. To that end, there are also no ads to interrupt the flow of the game. All this considered, the biggest criticism is simply the lack of variety. You can change what the circle looks like, but this will require you to get some impressive scores if you don’t want to pay for them directly. However, you can change what colors you’re playing with or how many there are in play for an additional challenge. Also, this is a ripe title to be able to add your own music, but unfortunately, you can’t.

Tap Shap Lap

Tap Shap is a 2D reaction game about rotating a circle to match the patterns on falling objects. It’s a good tool that children and mature adults can benefit from, while also being an enjoyable exercise. It would be nice if it included more customization options, but maybe it will need to grow more before that happens. Until then, take a few minutes or seconds to test your speed with some tapping.

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