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Tchia Diving Challenges Guide |  TechRaptor

Chia is host to a wide array of challenges for players to take part in, but not all of them have a clear explanation for how to do them and how to claim their gold trophies. The Diving Challenges in particular may leave you scratching your head in terms of how to do tricks, and how to land in the water without triggering a deduction for a poor entry. That’s why we’ve constructed this comprehensive Chia Diving Challenges guide to help you claim the highest prize in no time flat.

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How to Do Tricks While Diving in Tchia

Once you reach one of the five Diving Challenges in Chia, you’ll be able to trigger the task by walking onto the edge of the diving board. Once you’ve leaped off of the board, a score counter will appear above you denoting how many points you’ve earned by doing tricks and achieving a clean entry.

Tchia Jumping Into the Water During Diving Challenge With Score Above Head

For the former, you can do tricks by holding down the R2 button and pushing the right analog stick in any direction. Pushing the stick left or right will cause Tchia to spin, while pushing it up or down will cause her to do front flips and back flips. You’ll earn points for each full spin or flip, and doing multiple tricks in a row without releasing the R2 button will result in a Combo bonus.

As for making a clean entry, it’s as simple as making sure you finish whatever trick you’re doing and release the R2 button before making contact with the water. So long as this is done, it won’t matter if you land feet-first. head-first, or on one of Tchia’s sides.

How to Get the Gold Trophy in Tchia Diving Challenges

With all of this said, there are a few tips and tricks we can offer that’ll make getting the gold trophy in Chia‘s diving challenges easier.

Though it isn’t much, you can gain some additional air by bouncing on the diving board a bit before jumping off. You can also stick to a few specific trick combos to gain large amounts of points easily, such as backflipping into a spin and then moving into a front flip. So long as you time it right, you can even stick to doing several backflips in a row and you’ll still gain the necessary points for a gold trophy so long as the entry’s clean.

And with that, you’ve learned everything our Chia Diving Challenges guide has to offer. For more on the game, check out our full review, or take a look at some of our other guides down below to make your playing experience as breezy as possible.


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