Tchia Thing Trophy & Achievement Guide

Tchia Thing Trophy & Achievement Guide

The Thing Trophy and Achievement is one of the trickier accolades to cross off your list in Chia. In addition to being hidden and not explicitly revealed to you as a side task, you’ll also need to find the possessable object related to it without any sort of map marker, objective, or UI element which might point you in the right direction. That’s why we’re here to help with a detailed Chia Thing Trophy and Achievement guide that’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

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Where to Find Pwi Dua’s Hand in Tchia (Thing Trophy & Achievement)

To start, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to clear the Thing Trophy and Achievement until you’ve completed the main story of Chia. This is because Pwi Dua’s hand won’t become severed and possessable until it is chopped off during the final cutscene of the game.

Once this occurs, the hand will then be left in the open world for you to discover. The only problem is, it isn’t explicitly shown in the cutscene where Pwi Dua’s hand fell, or even where you might find it. You only see it fall from the sky into Aemoon, which is the game’s most sizable city.

To cut down on a lot of time and effort spent searching, you can head directly to the point marked on the map below. This will bring you to a helipad near the palace building.

Location on Map Where Dua's Hand Can Be Found in Tchia

Once there, look for a truck parked on the side of the helipad. It will have golden lights above the cab, and Pwi Dua’s Hand will be resting on the truck bed. If you have trouble spotting it due to it being evening or night time, you can use your Soul Jumping vision to highlight it by pressing L1.

Tchia Staring at Pwi Dua's Hand Resting on Top of Truck Bed in Thing Pose

Once you spot it, use Tchia’s Soul Jumping ability to target and possess the hand. As soon as you do so, the Thing Trophy and Achievement should trigger as unlocked. You’re also welcome to skitter around a bit to fully enjoy the fact that you’re possessing your former adversary’s appendage, and can truly appreciate how well developer Awaceb nailed this fun Adams Family reference.

Hopefully this Chia Thing Trophy and Achievement guide made the process of finding Pwi Dua’s hand a little easier.


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