Tears of the Kingdom Autobuild Unlock Guide

Tears of the Kingdom Autobuild Unlock Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has exploded the number of ways that players can interact with the world around them. With so many different Zonai tools such as the wing glider, different sizes of wheels, and even weapons players are able to craft all kinds of vehicles for themselves. Using the Master Hand ability can be somewhat tiresome though, luckily the unlockable Autobuild skill can save blueprints and recreate them on the fly, assuming you have the necessary pieces of course. In this Tears of the Kingdom Autobuild Unlock Guide, we will detail where you can unlock this ability for Link and where some notable blueprints reside.

While you get many of Link’s new abilities during your time in the tutorial on the Great Sky Islands you don’t receive them all. Autobuild and Camera are two that you need to seek down to unlock. While you’re exploring the world you should also be keeping an eye out for the various Memories, there’s a pretty prize for finding them all.

How to unlock Tears of the Kingdom Autobuild?

Autobuild ability is unlocked by traveling to the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths. The easiest way to make it here is to travel to the Great Plateau and drop into one of the many holes that lead to The Depth. Using the overworld map navigate Link until he is just slightly north of the Temple of Time Ruins and you’ll see two researchers investigating an inactive Zonai Steward Construct. Once you approach the Steward and activate it you’ll be given the Autobuild ability. After receiving the ability you will be given a short tutorial to repair a car.

Tears of the Kingdom Autobuild in action as link selects a schematic
Creations can be made based on your history, or Schema Stones

There is a boss fight against a familiar face directly after repairing the car so do make sure you’ve packed some good equipment. The Boss fight isn’t too difficult but you still want to be ready. After defeating the Boss they will mention that they plan to head to the Southwestern Abandoned Mine before they evacuate. After the boss fight you’ll be rewarded with a Huge Crystallized Charge and a Schema Stone for a Wing with three Fans attached to it.

Blueprint locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Schema Stone for Fanplane – Obtained at the Great Abandoned Central Mine during the Autobuild tutorial
Materials Required: 1x Wing, 3x Fan

As we continue to hunt down this boss and other blueprints we’ll continue to update this guide

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