Tears of the Kingdom Fan Spots Emotional Easter Egg While Cooking

Tears of the Kingdom Fan Spots Emotional Easter Egg While Cooking

Tears of the Kingdom is absolutely jam-packed with tiny details that help build the world of Hyrule into a living, breathing organism. There’s so much to take in that even the tutorial area, The Great Sky Island, can feel like too much. As more players get stuck in, these details are being added to with easter eggs that tug on the heartstrings of long time fans.

In a mega thread on the Zelda Subreddit, fans have been pointing out all the amazing things they’ve found in Tears of the Kingdom. Among these details is an easter egg for older Zelda titles that a fan spotted while waiting for Link to cook some tasty meals.

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Fan Discovers That Link Hums Songs From the Zelda Franchise While Cooking

Tears of the Kingdom Link Cooking Pot
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Zelda franchise has a timeline, but Link’s memory was wiped in Breath of the Wild. It seems as though, in the time between that game and Tears of the Kingdom, he’s regained most of his memories. Maybe even some from past games. When cooking, Link will hum songs from past Zelda titles, including the theme tune from Ocarina of Time and Saria’s Song.

Many players have noticed this, which is why it’s been such a popular thread in the launch megathread for the game on the Zelda Subreddit. While this doesn’t confirm that Link has memories from every game in The Legend of Zelda franchise, it’s a nice nod to fans who have been playing these games for decades. No one can say for sure what the best Zelda game of all time is, but this small easter egg ensures that all of them are referenced in some small way.

Cooking isn’t the most invigorating of activities in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s more of a necessary evil to ensure Link has the items needed to survive in certain climates. By making cooking more engaging with something as simple as Link humming songs, Nintendo has improved upon a mechanic that most players didn’t think could be made more enjoyable. Giving players some small callback to their favorite Zelda game tugs on their emotions, making the experience so much more fulfilling when it’s time to move on and collect more Korok Seeds.

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