Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Kimayat Shrine in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Kimayat Shrine

The Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom are a huge step up from those in Breath of the Wild. So much so that many of the game’s Shrines contain puzzles within puzzles that seem too difficult to solve. This guide explains how to complete Kimayat Shrine, also called Proving Grounds: Smash, a combat-based Shrine that hides a complex puzzle no player sees coming.

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Where to Find Kimayat Shrine

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Kimayat Shrine is north of Death Mountain in Deep Akkala at map coordinates 2819, 3639, 0243. Nothing else is nearby, meaning it’s a long trek for any player who wants to find it. However, it is a good stop along the way between East Akkala Stable and the final destination in the Eldin’s Colossal Fossil side quest.

How to Complete Kimayat Shrine/Proving Grounds: Smash

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Kimayat Shrine presents itself as a combat challenge at first. Link has all of his armor and weapons removed, leaving him to use the ones available in the Shrine and nothing more. The first thing players need to do is pick up all the weapons and attack the nearest Construct Captain. The goal is to kill all of them, but that’s quite tough with few weapons and even less armor.

We attacked the first Construct Captain, then ran to the right to fuse a spear with a Zonai Frost Emitter. This will freeze enemies in place, leaving an opening for Link to swap to a more powerful weapon and finish them off. Run around the Shrine and use this method to kill all the Construct Captains on the lower level. However, there are three on the upper level that are inaccessible. Link doesn’t have enough arrows to kill them, making them seem impossible to beat.

How to Kill the Construct Captains on the Platform

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Link needs to build a bridge to reach the platform and kill the final few Construct Captains. Yes, this is how players can solve a good chunk of the puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom, but it seems like a legitimate strategy here. Combine arrows with Ice Fruit, which can be found on trees around the Shrine, and shoot them at the water to create blocks of ice. Then, use Ultrahand to cobble these together into a bridge before attaching it to the platform’s base.

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The ice bridge Link builds isn’t pretty, but it’ll get the job done. Once it’s attached, run up the bridge and kill the last few Construct Captains. Knocking them into the water is a good way to get rid of them without having them gang up on Link. For some reason, these Constructs can’t survive in the water, so a few jabs with a spear could finish them off instead of a long sword fight.

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