Tears of the Kingdom – How to Summon Satori in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Summon Satori

Tears of the Kingdom is packed with secrets and discoveries for players to find. Some are elusive, while others are just off the beaten track enough that they seem hidden. One of the best discoveries we’ve made in the game is Satori, a mythical creature that can be summoned at Cherry Blossom Trees. This guide explains how to summon Satori, so everyone can take advantage of its benefits.

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How to Sumon Satori in Tears of the Kingdom

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Satori can only be summoned at Cherry Blossom Trees by making an offering of fruit. This can be done at any Cherry Blossom Tree. The image above shows one close to Lookout Landing. Head east from that settlement and toward that Shrine in the distance. The Cherry Blossom Tree is to the Shrine’s left. Link needs to dump some fruit into the bowl by the tree. We put five pieces in there, and that seemed to work, but it may work with less. A cutscene will play once the fruit is in the bowl, and Satori will appear.

What Does Summoning Satori do in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Summoning Satori causes beams of light to emit from every cave in the region. This is really handy because it makes farming Bubbul Gems and other materials easy, especially at night. The closest cave that Satori highlighted to us contained a Stone Talus with a luminous rock on its back. This meant we could defeat the enemy and get a powerful Talus Heart for one of our weapons. The cave also had a Bubbulfrog, allowing us to gather another Bubbul Gem for Koltin’s shop.

What is Satori in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Satori is known as the Lord of the Mountain. It’s a mythical creature that knows every cave and creature in those caves around Hyrule. This is why when Link makes an offering to the beast, it reveals all the cave locations in the region. Players can make an offering at every Cherry Blossom Tree to see the caves all around Hyrule and make gathering items like Bubbul Gems easier.

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