Tears of the Kingdom Player Creates a Flying War Machine Straight Out of Apocalypse Now

Zelda TOTK battle between a machine and Link

Legend of Zelda

(Apocalypse) Now that’s how to explore Tears of the Kingdom in style.

One aspect of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that players have found to be a tangible upgrade on Breath of the Wild is the freedom players are granted to build their own items and machines, fusing items found and powering them via batteries and other consumables. It’s a revolutionary system and lets the most innovative players thrive, producing creations the rest of us can only dream of.

That’s certainly the case with one player, who shared a levitating war machine that’s straight out of Apocalypse Now or a similarly epic war movie. They even captioned their post: “I love the smell of Zonaite in the morning”, a tweak on Apocalypse Now’s famous “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning” line.

Beginning with a long-distance wide shot, the player’s machine powers up and possesses rotating blades most similar to a futuristic helicopter. As it flies across Tears of the Kingdom’s beautiful landscape, it wreaks havoc on the environment and enemies, blowing them to smithereens.

The creator explained that it was difficult to accumulate all the batteries they needed for the machine, saying they had to “Liberate the depths of its Zonaite reserves”. Specifically, they traded their acquired Zoanite for Crystallized Charges before converting those into batteries.

As you’d expect, other Zelda players were stunned at the creation, with one describing it as an “Ultra galaxy brain construction”, while another joked: “Nah bro, thats the smell of the switch burning.”

It certainly goes to show the freedom Tears of the Kingdom grants players, as well as the unyielding creativity and innovation the community is bringing to the title.

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