Tears of the Kingdom Players Torment Koroks With Disturbing Inventions

Tears of the Kingdom Players Torment Koroks With Disturbing Inventions

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has taken over the internet since its release last week, however, some might not have expected the chaos the game is also causing. Tears of the Kingdom gives players the ability to create and build objects, and players have gotten very creative…especially with Koroks.

For those that might not know what Koroks are, they are a race in The Legend of Zelda series franchise who are the protectors of the forest. They look like very tiny wooden people, with leaves over their faces. Something that just adds to their adorableness is the facial expressions on their masks, and these match their personalities. However, players aren’t being so nice to the Koroks.

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Players Create Ways To Harass Koroks With Their Builds

First up is a Korok being nailed to a cross, where a fan apparently seemed to make it die for the sins of the other Koroks around it. But what could these little forest creatures possibly do to deserve this? The build is quite creative despite the possible torture of the Koroks.

This isn’t the first post to be shown of a build that is being used to bring nonexistent harm to Korok, but players continue showing their creativity on social media with many different builds. The poor Koroks though.

Players have been rejoicing at the fact they get to mess with the Koroks in mean ways, like the creature being stuck to the wagon wheel. This Korok is just spinning around as the player makes their way across the bridge. Another build was a Korok being barbecued over a fire.

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This is just a couple of many different creations players have made that allow them to harass the Koroks, the tweet trend has a ton more where players are sharing their designs. It is horrifying to watch but slightly funny with how much thought and time players are putting into making these short clips.

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