Texas Chain Saw Massacre game gets a release date and May tech test

Texas Chain Saw Massacre game gets a release date and May tech test

For fans of the horror game genre, a new treat is on the horizon. Looking at the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game trailer reveals a multiplayer experience akin to that of Friday the 13th. Anyone who had the pleasure of playing the buggy but wonderfully fun Friday the 13th game knows the endless hours of enjoyment that can be found in asymmetrical, multiplayer horror games. The game looks to follow in the chaotic, yet always hilarious, vein of the cult classic. Texas Chain Saw Massacre also got its release date revealed in the trailer, and a date for its upcoming tech test.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets a release date

As mentioned, the new trailer finally gives a release date for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and its tech test. It’s time to work the bugs (not the spooky ones) out of the game with the test on May 23. Furthermore, we have a final release date on August 18. Hopefully, by this point, Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be running smoothly. Equally, the servers need to be able to handle the load. Other multiplayer horror games such as Friday the 13th and Back 4 Blood have been haunted by server issues and game-breaking bugs.

The developer, Sumo Digital, has had a hand in huge titles such as sackboy and Forza. In any case, I expect we’re in good hands. The horror immersion can really be broken with buggy gameplay and connection loss.

gameplay trailer

The over-the-top slasher gore of the original 1974 film seems to be all there in this latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre release date trailer. Fans won’t be disappointed by the nasty, bloody violence as they play out the role of the hunter or hunted. Gameplay looks to be similar to the other games in the genre with objective-based goals for the victims. Various checkpoints must be met to escape the killers as they use their superior power, weaponry, and vision to pick off the newcomers to the farm.

For anyone who was a fan of Friday the 13th, this is the newest game to get your chainsaw into. Hopefully, it won’t be plagued by the same barren and defunct servers.

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