The 10 Best Minecraft Bedroom Ideas, Designs and Builds

The 10 Best Minecraft Bedroom Ideas, Designs and Builds

Players indulging in Minecraft can build their entire world from scratch. From barns to cottages, players can customize every structure according to their wishes. But as in real life, you’ll need a bedroom to unwind and relax when the moon rises. Hence, we are listing the 10 best bedroom ideas to use in Minecraft.

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Bedroom with Aquarium

Screengrab via Mcram’s YouTube

If your bedroom is pale and lacking flavor, you can add an aquarium to make it fancier. Apart from the aquarium, you can add a furry carpet along with several plants around your bed to improve the overall aesthetics.

Castle Bedroom

Screengrab via Stevler’s YouTube

Everyone has dreamed of having a classic castle-style bedroom once. Although this might not be possible in real life, you can build one in Minecraft. However, opting for a castle-style bedroom means making the entire castle, which might be time-consuming.

Cave Bedroom

Screengrab via TheMythicalSausage’s YouTube

Have you ever considered giving up everything and going off the grid? By building a cave bedroom and making it your base, you can accomplish that. Mixed with stone and wooden blocks, the cave bedroom is pretty simple to build. You can also hang photo frames on the wall and add a bookshelf to make it more homely.

Dark Themed Bedroom

Screengrab via zoegg’s YouTube

The dark theme is all the rage nowadays, and you can design the entire bedroom based on it. The idea is pretty straightforward here; make all the components of darker shade wherever possible. If it’s getting too gloomy, you can use white lamps or a mattress to give it some contrast.

Medieval Bedroom

Screengrab via BlueNerd Minecraft’s YouTube

Although you might need a lot of materials to build a medieval bedroom, they are pretty popular among Minecraft players. The bed, in particular, is unlike any modern style bed and is partially enclosed in a wooden frame. There is also a red carpet and a treasure chest in the room that goes perfectly with the medieval theme.

Modern Bedroom

Screengrab via BlenDigi’s YouTube

Loaded with all the amenities, a modern bedroom design is something you really want to try in Minecraft. Apart from a sleek bed, there is also a TV in the room along with a dressing table and a lounge sofa.

Pink Bedroom

Screengrab via AmyYeah’s YouTube

Although the color pink may not be to everyone’s taste, we have the ideal bedroom design for those who do love it. The bedroom seen in the image above is filled with pink objects and is aesthetically pleasing. The two flower pots near the bed add another dimension to the overall appeal, and you can even add a nice chandelier if needed.

Realistic Bedroom

Screengrab via AverageTunaSandwich’s YouTube

Having a bedroom similar to real life is always comforting. This won’t be a fancy setup where you’ll have all the world’s luxuries; however, it will still be cozy enough to make your leisure time more comfortable. While there are endless possibilities for designing a bedroom, you can replicate your own bedroom in Minecraft.

Treehouse Bedroom

Image via Planet Minecraft

Built high up a tree, this bedroom is an adventure-themed getaway for anyone. As one would expect, it is comprised of wooden planks for walls and has a touch of grass on it. There are pumpkin lanterns hung up on the ceiling to increase the overall appeal.

Underwater Bedroom

Image via u/CHIckenmiright on Reddit

Instead of having an aquarium inside your bedroom, you can build your entire base, including the bedroom, underwater. The design utilizes warped wood and prismarine blocks which are one of the most rare resources in Minecraft.

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