The 10 ugliest Pokémon of all time

The 10 ugliest Pokémon of all time

While the Pokémon series is well-known for creating some of the most adorably iconic creatures known to the gaming community, the franchise has also conceived some of the most uncanny, ugly, and even downright hideous beasts ever seen. Naturally, every pocket monster is worthy of love and care from its Trainer, but there are a select few that many might struggle to stare at for too long. That said, we have compiled a brief list of what we believe to be the ugliest Pokémon of all time. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet the picks below could objectively use a serious makeover.

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Alolan Raticate

Raticate Ugly Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

Without a doubt, Alolan Raticate is one of the ugliest Pokémon ever to exist and, indeed, resembles something you would call pest control for. Its body build is hideous, and its facial profile is atrocious. If our list were to rank our unsightly pocket monster picks, Raticate’s Alolan form would definitely be one of the top three.


Cascoon Ugly Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

Next up is Cascoon, the second evolution of the charming Wurmple. While Cascoon is supposed to look like a pupa, its unnecessarily vicious countenance and unremarkable design do not do it any favors in avoiding a place in our ugliest Pokémon list.


Claydol Ugly Pokémon
Screenshot by Gamepur

Claydol’s unpleasant proportions, space alien-like features, and questionable body markings provide the perfect specimen for our ugliest Pokémon list.

Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing Ugly Pokémon
Screenshot by Gamepur

Weezing is unattractive enough, but Galarian Weezing takes things to the next level with a fashionable look that could have been slightly charming if it wasn’t so ugly to begin with.


Glalie Ugly Pokémon
Screenshot by Gamepur

Needless to say, Glalie looks like a Pokémon with a temper problem. If its sinister horns and threatening mask weren’t enough, its fierce gaze and gritting teeth would likely prevent many Trainers from making it their buddy.

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Magmar Ugly Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

Naturally, ducks and dinosaurs do not go together, and Magmar shows what such a bizarrely bred combination would look like if it also had the DNA of a Flowerhorn Fish. Furthermore, its pinecone arms and the decorative flames added to this Fire-type monster’s body only make the Pokémon look more ridiculous.

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Patrat Ugly Pokémon
Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a discernible gap between looking fiercely determined and needlessly infuriated. Accordingly, the resentful, blood-shot-eyed expression of Patrat turns what could have been a cute rodent-like creature into something we dread seeing in our Pokédex.


Purugly Ugly Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

In a list of the ugliest Pokémon, it is hard not to add Purugly, the word “ugly” is in its name. While there is nothing wrong with being stout and stocky, Purugly’s stark contrast from its elegant Glameow form is too much to overlook. The unruly body proportions, the kitchen-glove ears, the spring-shaped tail, and the pompous facial expression—these all combine into an unforgivable eyesore.


Solrock Ugly Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

From a glance, the counterpart of Lunatone might not seem too unsightly. However, the longer you look at Solrock, the more you will realize how uncanny it is in its appearance, with its suspicious eyes and pointy, bony frame.


Skrelp Ugly Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

The idea of ​​aquatic seahorses is supposed to be beautiful and exquisite, but Skrelp ruins the mood with its unattractive color scheme, bumpy crown, and odd-looking nose.

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