The 5 best fish in Dave the Diver

The 5 best fish in Dave the Diver

What makes a ‘Best Fish’? Is it its ability to have conscious thought? Perhaps it is its seflessness to support a friend in a time of need. Maybe it is its willingness to grow and develop as a sea beast. This is a question I am not going to answer, and instead, I am going to rank five of the best fish in Dave the Diver based in part on their value, in part on their availability, and finally on their willingness to die for Dave the Divers sushi.

The 5 best fish in Dave the Diver

There are many factors in play to determine the ‘best’ fish in Dave the Diver. What I think it all comes down to is how easily you can fill your cargo with them and how much they will net you. Maximum profit and minimum effort are the way forward in all things, including underwater harpoon fishing.

Best fish #1 Tuna

How to catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

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Easily sitting at number one is the Tuna. The chicken of the sea. These massive fish are not only fantastic to catch in Dave the Diver, but they also rule the shelves and markets of the real world. They are delicious and abundant in the ocean.

In Dave the Diver, the Tuna takes the best fish award due to its predictability and vast quantity. It also nets huge prices when cooked up. To catch this fish, simply locate its shoal at around the 0 – 50 meter mark. The best way to catch the Tuna is with a Steel Net Trap. This will not only procure the most and the best meat but also have the chance of netting two at once. Use the salvage drone to carry them back to your restaurant.

Best fish #2 Marlin

The 5 best fish in Dave the Diver

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The Marlin is only available slightly later in the game once Dave the Diver has to cater to a Marlin Party event. Once this event is activated, the delicious Marlin will soon become one of the best fish dishes on the menu. Its taste rating is high before it is even upgraded, and it can be found easily in any dive. It is usually found at around the 0 – 50 meter mark by Dave the Diver.

The Marlin can be caught in the same ways as the Tuna, but it has a little more aggression and won’t swim in shoals. Use your traps and tranquilizers to subdue and extract the valuable meat.

Best fish #3 Moray Eel

The 5 best fish in Dave the Diver

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Coming in at number three on the best fish list is the Moray Eel. It isn’t necessarily the most expensive of fish, and it certainly isn’t the easiest to catch, but it is a core ingredient for many of Dave the Divers sushi dishes. It can only be found at night and will be at around the 0 – 50 meter mark. Don’t try to catch them in the day. It is futile.

The Moral Eel isn’t too tough of an enemy. You can kill it simply with a few shots with your harpoon. However, shooting it with a tranquilizer sniper and escorting it out with the salvage drone will get you the highest quality meat for the best fish.

Best fish #4 Megamouth Shark

If the megamouth shark could use its megamouth to eat its own megameat it would understand why it has made it to the best fish list. This beast sits at around 130 – 250 meters and will pose quite the challenge for anyone trying to get the flesh from its bones. Dave the Diver is always up to the task when it comes to getting the best fish for his bosses, though.

The Megamouth Shark makes the best fish list due to its huge size and, therefore, high yield. It also goes for a massive price when turned into sushi, starting at 95 gold. Killing it will require high-power weapons and some clever dashes.

Best fish #5 Black Tiger Shrimp

The 5 best fish in Dave the Diver

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These little guys can only be found in the sunken wreckage of the boat, which actually makes them really easy to find. You will have had to progress far enough through the story to have a bug net. However, once you do, you’re in the money. Simply head into the sunken boat and swipe one of the best fish straight out of the water.

These tiny morsels make the cut as one of the best fish of Dave the Diver simply due to their ease of capture and huge price on the menu. If you want an easy time of it, just pop into the wreck and have Dave the Diver grab them.

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