The best staff employees in Dave the Diver

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As if deep sea harpooning, farm management, and aquatic negotiation weren’t enough to have on your plate, staff management is also added to the list. Dave the Diver somehow keeps a wonderfully serene and enjoyable experience throughout the seemingly endless list of tasks assigned to our hero. It’s understandable that you may need a little guidance here and there. Here is a list of the best staff employees in Dave the Diver so you know you have a crack team watching your back.

Best staff employees in Dave the Diver

Not all hospitality staff are created equal. Take it from someone who has worked in more bars and restaurants than most people have had restaurant food. Sometimes the tasks of charming, clearing, carrying, and cooking are just a little too much to handle, and rightly so. It is a hard job that requires a lot of physical and mental energy. Always tip your server; they deserve it.

In Dave the Diver, you are in charge of hiring and firing. There is a lot of staff to choose from, so here are a few of my favorites, some more obvious than others, and some are just fun to have around.



Maybe not the most obvious choice as her services come for free initially, and she isn’t exactly the hottest starter with stats. However, she has the ability to be trained up to an unlimited level, so as long as you have the money to keep putting her through staff training, the sky is the limit. She’s a real staff asset to have behind the bar in Dave the Diver.


Named after the infamous Pacific weather phenomenon that likes to wreak havoc on underwater and overwater life, this guy is a monster of service. Plates and pints tremble in fear at the very mention of his name. There is nobody better at service in Dave the Diver than El Nino. When he pops up on your Staff Employee list in Dave the Divergrab him.


Yone has a few very particular skills in her repertoire that set her apart from the rest of the staff in Dave the Diver. Her first is the ability to gain huge amounts of cooking skills when she’s trained due to the Cooking++ skill. Her second skill increases the number of recipes on the menu, meaning more plates served and a better rank for Dave the Diver.


He may not shine all that bright as kitchen staff or floor staff, but he does have a very unique set of skills. Once you have reached a certain level in Dave the Diver, you will be able to send your staff out on procurement missions. This saves you the hassle of going diving for all the ingredients. The procurement side of things is where Masayoshi shines. His level procurement is high, and his unique skill makes him one of the best staff for finding hard-to-get ingredients in Dave the Diver.


Best staff employees in Dave the Diver

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It is possible to hire Itsuki as a member of staff for almost nothing in Dave the Diver, but the money is more than worth it. She seems like a terrible choice at first, but as soon as you put her through staff training, she becomes a service superhero. Her drink serving and irresistible charm traits make her an absolute must-have on the floor. As you train her up, she really begins to outshine the other staff. Sometimes the gamble plays off with Dave the Diver staff.



He’s a raptor. Everything else is irrelevant. You want him on your staff in Dave the Diver.

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