The best types of teams for each playstyle in Genshin Impact

The best types of teams for each playstyle in Genshin Impact

One of the most commonly asked questions in the Genshin Impact community is what are the best team comps for a specific character. However, you might be among the minorities who pick their party members based on playstyle or personal preference. Naturally, players will have limitless biases and inclinations for their ideal team comp, but we have decided to simplify these categories into five distinct concepts. As a result, we have come up with the best types of teams for each playstyle in Genshin Impact.

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The best type of playstyle team in Genshin Impact

Idle Animation of Kokomi in Inazuma in Genshin Impact
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Before discussing the different playstyle-centric teams for Genshin Impact, we would like to disclose that “best” is highly subjective for this list. Indeed, we provide examples of character comps we have used regarding the described playstyle, but the units chosen only serve to explain each point. In other words, we are not saying the characters we mention for each category are the ultimate “best.” Any individual could place their own preferred party members into the comp, and it would still be considered subjectively ideal. Nevertheless, we have chosen a select few from the dozens of characters in Genshin Impact to keep things simple.

Best team for Meta Playstyles Genshin Impact

Best Meta Team Type in Genshin Impact
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In Genshin Impact, it is no secret that meta-building for maximum DPS output is the name of the game, resulting in a good majority of Travelers preferring to invest into and mainly use their roster’s “cream of the crop.” Such teams are what we consider the best for “Meta Playstyles” in Genshin Impact. These players recognize characters like Alhaitham or Kazuha as meta-picks of present tier lists. For instance, we often use the overpowered freeze team of Ayaka, Ganyu, Kazuha, and Kokomi.

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Best team for Immersive Playstyles in Genshin Impact

Best Region Team Type in Genshin Impact
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When immersion is crowned as most important in a Genshin Impact playthrough, we consider that one’s inner “Immersive Playstyle” will take precedence, resulting in a focus on playing the denizens of a specific region. For example, if you are questing or exploring Liyue, you might see a team like Zhongli, Ningguang, Yelan, and Xingqiu as the ideal party. Likewise, when you travel to Sumeru, you might switch over to a team with Nahida, Tighnari, Candace, and Cyno. Such immersive playstyle-focused players likely enjoy sightseeing scenery while taking plenty of Kamera snapshots.

Best team for Speedy Playstyles in Genshin Impact

Best Fast Team Type in Genshin Impact
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As the name suggests, “Speedy Playstyle” players feel like they “gotta go fast” in Genshin Impact. The core focus of their ideal team is the fastest movement speed possible to significantly decrease necessary travel time when on foot. For instance, Yelan and Sayu’s Elemental Skills are exceptionally practical for high movement speed. Similarly, Ayaka and Mona’s ability to effortlessly sprint across water is invaluable to this playstyle. The Wanderer’s capability of levitational gliding is also a great asset for going fast.

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Best team for Exploration Playstyles in Genshin Impact

Best Exploration Team Type in Genshin Impact
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Players preferring “Exploration Playstyles” in Genshin Impact are slightly similar to those with a need for speed, but they primarily equip party members with high utility for exploring. For example, they might use Yelan to get around but switch to Collei or Bennett for activating elemental pillars. Kazuha would be a good pick for gathering items after clearing an enemy camp. There are many possibilities, but the primary focus is flexible efficiency while comfortably exploring Teyvat.

Best Fan’s Dream Team Playstyles in Genshin Impact

Best Fan's Dream Team Type in Genshin Impact
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By “Fan’s Dream Team Playstyle,” we mean that you create a team with your favorite characters in Genshin Impact. If you like the handsome gentlemen of Teyvat, playing Zhongli, Alhaitham, or Kazuha would likely be a must. Alternatively, perhaps you wish to utilize a “smol squad,” dispatching your chibi team of Klee, Yaoyao, Qiqi, and Dori. In other words, this team playstyle is centered around picking and playing the characters you like best, regardless of their utility or meta-damage performance.

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