The Best Video Game Spin Offs

The Best Video Game Spin Offs

There has always been a significant crossover between art forms, with written stories being translated into dance, pictures depicting the activities from theatrical production, and music inspired by poetry. As the types of art forms have changed and adapted over the years, so too have the ways that they collide, and digital formats have made it easier than ever to render the ideas of others in an accessible form.

When it comes to crossovers, video games have played a hugely influential role in popular culture and some of the most popular video game spin offs include:

typing of the dead

House of the Dead was a hugely popular game in the late 1990s that moved from the arcades to home computers and delighted players all over the world. The spoof that came on the back of it, Typing of the Dead, was almost as popular as the original due, in part, to its simplicity.

Players have to type quickly to kill zombies and while this sounds relatively simple, its popularity has outlasted that of the original and there are still hardcore fans organizing multiplayer games to flex their skills against their friends. Almost any gaming convention will have a Typing of the Dead set-up to allow players to immerse themselves in this retro favorite.

tomb Raider

Out of context, a game that follows the work of an archaeologist traveling the world in search of buried artefacts and searching ruins for signs of their inhabitants doesn’t sound hugely exciting. But Lara Croft’s intriguing puzzles, exciting adventures, and sneaky traps captured the imaginations of a whole generation of gamers, and you can read the full review here.

She was such an important figure in early 21st-century games that fans were not surprised when her antics were turned into a live-action film, not to mention comic books and novels. The latest news suggests that there might even be another reboot coming with a potential television series under discussion.

donkey kong country

While the original Donkey Kong was one of the most influential games of its time, some of the spin-offs have become almost as vital to the gaming canon. The first time around, Donkey Kong featured a construction worker trying to rescue his girlfriend from a giant gorilla and it was one of the iconic titles that made platform games so popular.

This spinoff matched the energy and appeal of the original to the extent that its recent reboot proved massively popular as well and the franchise may be back with a bang.

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love

James Bond has become an internationally renowned character, with books that captured a generation with their suave hero who took on the baddies with effortless style. The films based on the books have also become global sensations, so it was only a matter of time before video games saw James Bond rendered in digital form.

This third-person shooter features Sean Connery’s first reprisal of the role for more than twenty years as he voiced the digital version of his younger self. With fourteen main levels and a further four bonus levels, the game was a fitting tribute to the books and films that went before it.

angry Birds

The unexpected hit sensation that was the game Angry Birds took the gaming world by storm. Seasoned players loved the simple but fiendishly tricky game, and newbies loved how easy it was to empathize with the adorable birds against the infernal green piggies.

After more than 12 million downloads, the game was released in alternative formats with additional games in the series that resulted in more than five billion downloads. This popularity resulted in a feature film with a follow up sequel, and a multi-season television show.

mortal kombat

The original game was designed to compete with other arcade games such as Street Fighter, and the early-90s fan base appreciated the brutal simplicity of the game. Originally conceived as a video game featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mortal Kombat was among the first to include Easter eggs such as hidden content, secret games, additional characters, and hidden scenes.

Players that complete a series of challenges can unlock a secret fighter to play as, and there are even games such as Pong and Galaga hidden within various editions of the game. The game’s popularity spawned two movies, an animated television series, a live-action television series, an album, and even a live tour.

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