The Boys’ Antiheroes Are Flying Over to Call of Duty

Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded Will Finally Address Issues With DMZ's Solo-Play & Assimilations

Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded will officially welcome the chaotic characters from The Boys as they take a break from their “heroic” roles and step in as Operators.

During a fictional press conference, Black Noir was the first to confirm this development in his own unique way, in which he answers questions through his expressions. One of the first major announcements is the characters featured in the crossover, including Starlight, Homelander, and Black Noir.

The Boys x Call of Duty is also set to release on July 12, 2023, as a part of the midseason update.

Based on the news report, players can seemingly equip Black Noir’s famous blades, possibly replacing Call of Duty’s Combat Knife or Throwing Stars. There will also be a Temp V Field Upgrade that provides four distinct superpowers: Charge Jump, Electric Shockwave, Laser Vision, and Teleport. These unique perks will be available for all Warzone playlists (and DMZ), with the exception of Ranked Play.

Some fans wonder if other characters from The Boys will appear for a future update, given that a mysterious Operator named “Butch” is supposedly coming for the midseason update. Hence, this hint could be teasing the arrival of Billy Butcher to bring even more chaos to Call of Duty.

Fortunately, the wait for the Call of Duty x The Boys crossover will be relatively short as Season 4 Reloaded quickly approaches. You can also look forward to other exciting Warzone 2 and MW2 updates, including map changes and Battle Royale enhancements.

Image Source: Activision

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