The Dread Pirate’s Bicorn reward in World of Warcraft mystifies fans by being the worst hat ever

The Dread Pirate’s Bicorne reward in World of Warcraft mystifies fans by being the worst hat ever

World of Warcraft’s Trading Post content has had some awesome rewards to earn every month. The feature hasn’t exactly hit the ground running, however, as it has had a mountain of bugs and issues since it launched in February. While most of them have been addressed over time, one fan has discovered the ultimate sin when wearing the Dread Pirate’s Bicorn hat on their female Gnome character.

The player took to Reddit to lament their discovery, showcasing the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne as not being so much a hat, but a sort of weird visor instead. Clipping issues are common in games that feature races of different appearances and shapes, but most don’t allow the player’s head to literally pop through the hat.

Fans have been having quite the laugh about it on social media. Gnomes always seem to be the butt of the jokes in World of Warcraft, and a lot of people have said that the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne is simply working as intended. Some point out that Blizzard developers obviously don’t play as Gnomes because the race always has the weirdest of problems. Gnomes have dealt with a plethora of issues over the years, including a Burning Crusade dungeon that forced them to swim in certain areas that other races could just walk through.

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Some Gnome players have reported that the issue with the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne is not as noticeable on their characters, and it seems to depend on the hairstyle or customizations chosen for the specific toon. However, they all agree that the ear clipping is consistent, though hats in WoW have always had this issue. In fact, head gear in the MMO basically gives any race a buzz cut as no parts of the hair show from underneath them, a feature that its competitor, Final Fantasy XIV, has done much better with over the years.

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World of Warcraft is an old game, and there are certain limitations to the engine that produce some interesting visuals. While this one is a little extreme, a lot of people have found the humor in it, and it definitely brings a smile to our faces, though hopefully Blizzard corrects it soon for this player.

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