The Elder Scrolls 6 Still ”Five-plus Years Away” According To Phil Spencer

The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls 6 is still ”Five-plus years away,” according to Xbox Game Studios head Phil Spencer. In the recent FTC vs. Microsoft hearing, Spencer was asked numerous questions regarding how Microsoft decides platform exclusivity, particularly that of ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company.

As Axios’ Stephen Totilo reported, Spencer said that Elder Scrolls VI was ”so far out it’s hard to understand what the platforms will even be…”. Hey then said, “We’re talking about a game that’s five-plus years away”. Totilo also said the Xbox head was ”fuzzy on whether he previously made a public statement saying it’d be Xbox-only”. Spencer had also said that Microsoft selected the platforms for its games on a case-by-case basis on whether they would come to PC and Xbox, with other platforms decided after.

“It’s so far out it’s hard to understand what the platforms will even be…” … “We’re talking about a game that’s five-plus years away”

Phil Spencer at the FTC vs. Microsoft hearing, as reported by Stephen Totilo

During the hearing, Spencer also mentioned that Sony held back PlayStation 5 Dev Kits from Microsoft for Minecraft. He had also mentioned that one of the reasons Microsoft to acquired Bethesda was because Sony wanted to make Starfield a PS5 exclusive.

While it is unknown what Microsoft intends to do with The Elder Scrolls 6’s exclusivity, it can be said that the FTC hearing will greatly impact their decision. The game was announced by Bethesda back in E3 2018 and we’ve barely heard any proper news regarding its development. Their next big game Starfield merely months away, and the developer is surely working on polishing the game for Xbox and PC. So, we may get news of The Elder Scrolls 6 until after the release of Starfield. And that depends on whether the game is stable enough at launch. Even then, with how ambitious Elder Scrolls 6 is anticipated to be, it might be quite a while before we get a proper look at the latest installment of The Elder Scrolls series.

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