The Latest Sims 4 Patch Finally Lets You Customize This Crucial Part of Your House

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To celebrate the upcoming Horse Ranch pack, Maxis Studios has introduced a much-needed mechanic to the game with ceiling customization.

If you are a longtime Simmer, you’ll know the design struggles of this particular interior, as it only features a white-colored layout in Build Mode, which ultimately didn’t match various home styles. But now, you can finally apply a pattern to the ceiling, allowing you to get the best arrangement of your choice.

Although the mechanic is a new element for The Sims 4, it has been included in The Sims 3: Ambitions, using a paint system with similar qualities to the modern-day version. However, this time around, you can use Build Mode’s Free Camera to look up at the ceiling, where you can determine if the pattern works well with the overall design.

Apart from the ceiling, other house parts have received color variants, including walls, floors, fences, and doors. For example, wood floors now exhibit Heartwood Plank Flooring, Elegant Parquet Flooring, and many more.

Create a Sim has also been updated with three hairstyles: Double Braid, Single Braid, and Lengthened Hair to reflect the cultural identity of Indigenous people in America. You can even take it further by cooking the new Native American-inspired recipe, The Three Sisters, previously introduced during The Sims 4: Horse Ranch live stream.

So, if you are already waiting for the next expansion pack, you can get an early start with the patch’s latest features, as well as general bug fixes that can improve the game’s performance further.

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