The New Boss Fight in Sons of the Forest Brings Pufftons’ Fate To Light

Puffton Boss Fight Sons of the Forest


All that money could not save them in the end.

Players have been waiting for a new update to come out for The Forest’s recently released sequel, Sons of the Forest, since the game dropped. Their hope for a patch was answered earlier today when the new Update 01 came out, adding various things and fixing bugs in Sons of the Forest. One of the major additions that this new update has seen is a mysterious boss fight. It is alluded to in patch notes but is not specified, with no names given to the boss players can expect to fight.

Located in the Food and Dining Bunker, this mini boss is two mutant humanoids, and all fingers point to the two actually being Barbara and Edward Puffton. Players of Sons of the Forest will know that these two are the trillionaires that your character was sent to the island in search of as they disappeared with their daughter, Virginia. There are various factors that come into play confirming the boss’ identity, from the setting of the fight to the figures themselves.

Puffton Boss Fight Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Twinfinite via Endnight Games

Prior to the update, Edward Puffton’s body could be found inside the very dining hall in which the new boss fight takes place. Now that the patch is here, he can no longer be found there but is rather found standing and fully animated as he fights you alongside his wife, Barbara. The two look identical to the missing couple, from facial features to clothing, and the fact that their daughter has also ended up as a mutant is even more telling of this fate.

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