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The X-Men Take the Spotlight as 'Marvel Snap' Visits 'Days of Future Past' – TouchArcade

We’re now a week into the latest season of marvel snap (Free), and that usually means it’s time for a decent-sized update. I suppose if you’ve gotten this far, you know that one has obviously arrived. It includes the usual balance changes and bug fixes, but this update also adjusts how card acquisition works in the game. Like it or lump it, the game’s overall economy is going to shift a little with these changes. For some it will be better, for others perhaps less so. Join me on a brief journey as we go through all this update entails.

Spotlight Caches were announced a little while back and are now active in the game. For the last little while, marvel snap has given players a fair bit of freedom in how they build their collections via its Token system and daily spotlight cards. Spotlight Caches are an attempt to change things up, and if you’re on your way up the collection ladder it’s going to mean you’ll be getting more cards sooner. Those who are chasing the latest cards or the last few might find this system a little less helpful.

Basically, every 120 Collector’s Levels, one of your Collector’s Caches will instead be a Spotlight Cache containing one of three featured Series 4 and Series 5 cards. If you already have that card, you’ll get a Variant instead. Of course, nothing’s free. In exchange for this nice new method of getting cards, you’ll find less Gold and fewer Tokens in the regular Collector’s Caches. Indeed, the only reliable way to get Gold for free from now on will be via the Season disbursements or Conquest mode. Well, Second Dinner’s got to eat.

Alright, on to the buffs and nerfs. The main nerf this time is to High Evolutionary decks. Specifically, to two of the Evolved cards. Evolved Wasp will now only zap one enemy card instead of two. Evolved Hulk now only gains power on turns with unspent energy if he is in your hand or in play. No more beefing up inside the deck! Gambit gets a buffy nerf. Gold has nerfy buff. Instead of being 3-Cost 1-Power he is now 3-Cost 3-Power, but he can only destroy an opposing card if you have a card in your hand to discard. Wongers will have to rethink some things. Mystique now triggers On Reveal abilities if the Ongoing card she copies has one, and Nakia now gives all cards in your hand +1 Power instead of the two left-most ones +2 Power.

Other than that, it’s text adjustments and bug fixes. The new Spotlight Caches are a real game-changer for most players, though I suppose we’ll have to see how things work out overall. High Evolutionary decks getting nerfed… I don’t know how I feel about that as they weren’t super-dominant, but I know the community has been asking for it. What do you think of these changes? Are you still playing marvel snap? What’s your favorite color? How below, friends!


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