The next expansion for Path of Exile has a name, Crucible, and it’s getting revealed late March

The next expansion for Path of Exile has a name, Crucible, and it's getting revealed late March

Early last month, developer Grinding Gear Games announced that it will drop the next DLC expansion for its free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile in early April. At the time, the developer simply referred to it as Expansion 3.21, but just yesterday, it unveiled a trailer revealing the DLC’s official name. The expansion now goes by the name Crucibleand it will make its way to PC on April 7. Those who own the game on Xbox or PlayStation will have to wait a little bit longer, as the Path of Exile Crucible expansion will release on those platforms as of April 12.

Clocking in at just under half a minute, the trailer for the name reveal does not show off anything too substantial. It depicts a player character slowly walking up to an altar surrounded by streams of lava on a stone platform that towers above the wastelands below. The trailer then cuts to a shot of the player character at ground level, staring at a statue basked in darkness while lava splashes high up in the background. Afterward, the trailer displays the name Path of Exile: Crucible as well as the dates for both the upcoming live reveal and the DLC’s release.

More info to come for the Path of Exile: Crucible expansion

Speaking of the live reveal, the developers will host one on March 30 at noon PT on the official Path of Exile Twitch channel. This live stream will go over specific aspects of the expansion, including the new challenge league. Once the live stream concludes, Chris Wilson, the game’s lead developer, will host a Q&A session alongside YouTuber ZiggyD.

The name reveal of the latest Path of Exile expansion follows the trend of similar brief name reveal trailers that Grinding Gear Games has put out in recent months. The last expansion, called The Forbidden Sanctumcame to PC on December 9, and it introduced a new rogue-lite dungeon to explore.

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