The Other World is a multiplayer action survival RPG promising an evolving land of lore instead of story

The Other World is a multiplayer action survival RPG promising an evolving land of lore instead of story

It’s time to once more delve into the fanciful, big promise-delivering world of crowdfunded multiplayer and MMO games. Today we’ve been directed at The Other Worldan in-development multiplayer open world action RPG that’s being spearheaded by survival RPG Twitch streamer Demone Kim.

The Other World has massive aspirations including a world that changes based on the seasons and the impact that players leave on its physical, political, and lore landscape. On the point of story, there don’t appear to be any plans for an overarching narrative, as the game encourages players to “actively seek out and learn about the topics that are important to [them] rather than being compelled to go the same route as everyone else.” Interactions with the game world and NPC groups are also said to have consequences; if an orc village is left alone, it could expand into a fortress.

As for the survival component of The Other World, that will feature familiar trappings like managing health, stamina, food, and water, as well as dealing with foods like poison and environmental effects. Character progression will follow a model where skill increases through use of a weapon, gathering items repeatedly, or regularly crafting. Lastly, there are plans for a building system that uses modular blueprints and community efforts involving NPC companions and other players.

The Other World has opened a GoFundMe campaign that seeks $500K to make the game as stated, which has no end date for the crowdfunding to wrap but does promise that full refunds would be issued if something catastrophic happens like “a meteor hits the earth and [stop the team’s] progression.” The crowdfunding page further promises that funds will immediately go into development of the title (which calls into question how the team intends to issue refunds) and that there will be regular communication about progress.

To that point, Kim’s initial announcement video appears to be a genuine talk with fans about his ideas, why he’s making the game he is, and what players can expect. Kim’s YouTube channel is otherwise awash with more detailed videos that move through each section of the project’s feature set, as well as the first episode of a developer Q&A.

We do hasten to point out that there are no gameplay previews on offer at this time, as all there is available are a few character concept art pieces. Even so, those who are curious are welcome to follow along.

sources: GoFundMe, YouTube (1, 2), thanks to Mark for the tip!


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