The Planet Crafter Cooking Guide

The Planet Crafter Cooking Guide

Our The Planet Crafter Cooking Guide will tell you how to unlock Cooking, how to Cook Food, and the details on every Cooking recipe!

A big part of survival in The Planet Crafter is keeping your Health up with Food. Although you can rely on Farming to fulfill your basic needs, you can restore more Health and get some neat buffs by Cooking. Read on to learn more!

How to Unlock Cooking in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Cooking in The Planet Crafter by purchasing the Cooking Station Blueprint from the Space Trading Rocket for 500 Terra Tokens. You can then Cook Food at the Cooking Station once you Build it.

How to Cook

Cooking works the same as any other Crafting in The Planet Crafter. Simply gather your ingredients, interact with the Cooking Station as if it were any other Crafting station, and select your desired recipe to Cook it.

Although you can get plenty of other sources of Food through Farming, there are two major advantages to unlocking Cooking and Building a Cooking Station. First, Cooked Food will restore more Health than Space Food or harvest Crops. Secondly, some Food items will have unique buffs in addition to restoring your Health.

The Planet Crafter Cooking Guide - Using the Cooking Station with the Fish Soup Recipe

The Planet Crafter Cooking Recipe List

recipe Ingredients Effect
High Quality Food 1 Honey, 1 Beans Restore Health: 90, Trade Value: 2 Terra Tokens
Chocolate 6 Cocoa N / A
Flour 6 Wheat N / A
Croissant 3 Flour Restore Health: 75
cookies 3 Flour, 3 Chocolate Restore Health: 90, Increases running speed for a small period
birthday cake 3 Chocolate, 3 Flour, 3 Honey N / A
Honey Cooked Beans 1 Beans, 1 Eggplant, 1 Squash, 1 Honey Restore Health: 50, Reduce Thirst for a small period
fish soup 1 Fish Provios Eggs, 1 Fish Vilnus Eggs, 1 Honey Restore Health: 50, Reduces Oxygen consumption for a small period

We’re at the end of The Planet Crafter Cooking Guide, but there’s plenty more to explore — check out our other guides below!

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