The Planet Crafter Farming and Food Guide

The Planet Crafter Farming and Food Guide

Our The Planet Crafter Farming and Food Guide will tell you how Farming Works, how to find Food, and what benefits you gain from eating Food!

You’ll start your adventure in The Planet Crafter with a few supplies, but you’ll eventually have to start Farming your own Food (and eventually Cooking it). Read on to learn how Farming works and how you can use it to stave off starvation!

How Does The Planet Crafter Farming Work?

The Planet Crafter farming is fairly straightforward — all you need to do is build a Food Grower or Food Grower T2, put a seed inside, and wait for it to grow. Once it’s grown, you can harvest the Food. You’ll get back exactly one seed — no more, no less — and you can replant that same crop or choose to plant something else.

A small note here — you can’t remove a seed if a crop is fully grown. You’ll have to remove the crop first; you’ll automatically pick up the seed when you do.

How to Unlock Farming in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Farming in The Planet Crafter by advancing Oxygen to 12.00 ppt through Terraforming. This will let you build the basic version of the Food Grower.

There is a much better version called the Food Grower T2, too. It allows you to grow crops much faster, but at twice the Power cost. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to gain access to it until you’ve unlocked Biomass and completed a number of other milestones in that tech tree first.

Finally, you can unlock an Outdoor Farm once you’ve significantly progressed Insects. This will allow you to grow multiple Crops from a single Seed. Naturally, this can only be placed outdoors once you’ve established an atmosphere on the planet.

How to Get More Food

In the early game, you can get more Food by looting Storage Chests, crashed ships, and bunkers. There is a finite supply of these items, though — eventually, you’re going to have to embrace your inner Mark Watney and start growing your own Food.

How to Get More Seeds

You can get more seeds in The Planet Crafter by finding Storage Chests and exploring Derelicts. Check out our Map and Locations Guide to see all of the places you can find seeds! Additionally, certain Seeds are only available through Trading.

The Planet Crafter Farming Guide - Mushrooms

List of The Planet Crafter food

food Source Health Restored Other Effects
Beans Looting, Farming 60
cookies cooking 90 Increases running speed for a small period
Croissant cooking 75 N / A
Eggplant Looting, Farming 25
fish soup cooking 50 Reduces Oxygen consumption for a small period
High Quality Food cooking 90 Sells for 2 Terra Tokens
Honey Beehives 10
Honey Cooked Beans cooking 50 Reduces Thirst for a small period
Mushroom Looting, Farming 35
space food Looting 40
Squash Looting, Farming 40

We’re all done with our The Planet Crafter Farming and Food Guide! If you’ve found this guide useful, you should check out our other guides below!

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