The Redfall Subreddit’s Filled with Awkward Bugs and Technical Issues

The Redfall Subreddit's Filled with Awkward Bugs and Technical Issues


I expected to fight vampires, but the bugs were a previously unknown enemy.

Today saw the release of Redfall, and players are making their way into the vampire-laden town. However, the game isn’t exactly perfect (or even close), and players have noticed many bugs and issues. As with many games, these bugs can easily range from funny little jank-related goofs to outright issues. Vampire hunters have taken to the game’s subreddit to share their experiences.

On the funnier side, user TrueOni climbed onto a roof and got a solid look down a house’s chimney. As it turns out, they are actually just for show. On the bright side, vampires can’t climb down to get you. But on the other hand, that means Santa can’t either.

Anyone playing Redfall has certainly noticed that you can interact with faucets. Though, Neosss1995 took a closer look and noticed there was something certainly off about them.

On the little less funny side of things, there are also players getting stuck inside walls, as Neosss1995 further demonstrates. It looks like vampires aren’t the only thing in Redfall craving humans, as the walls are just as happy to gobble them up.

These are just smaller gameplay issues, though. They can likely be ironed out with a patch or two similar to the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2077. But what if there are things that might be a little harder to correct? Enemies are even getting in on the jank of Redfall, but they also have a little more impact on the game. FunnyGeneral7078 seems to have encountered an enemy that behaves like the most brain-dead Fortnite bot.

With all the above working against it, none of this is to say that the Redfall devs at Arkane Austin can’t pull the game out from the brink. As mentioned, Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the notoriously bad launches of all time, and now the game is in amazing shape. There’s hope for Redfall. But in the meantime, there are plenty of ways to poke fun at the awful launch.

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