The Witcher 3 Update 4.02 Patch Notes: Today’s Next-Gen Improvements

The Witcher 3 Update 4.02 Patch Notes: Today's Next-Gen Improvements
Picture: CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still being played by gamers worldwide, and the developers know it. The title launched in 2015, and since then, it has become one of the best open-world games. Fortunately for players, CD Projekt RED just released a new update that will take advantage of all the new features and raw power that current hardware offers, so get ready to find what will change with The Witcher 3 Update 4.02.

On March 3, the official The Witcher 3 Twitter account tweeted about the new next-gen update coming to current consoles and PC players, and many players are still commenting on the tweet made a few minutes ago. According to the Tweet, the update will feature many fixes and will also improve the game’s stability and performance.

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According to the official The Witcher 3 Update 4.02 patch notes, next-gen and PC users will have a far better experience after installing this update. Besides the many fixes regarding dialogue and problems within missions, PC players should have fewer performance issues as the developers improved CPU core optimization, some screen flickering problems, and even temporary stuttering.

Next-gen console users also received some improvements in the performance category. Now performance mode should work better, as developers fixed a few issues regarding Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X and characters becoming blurry in dialogues on PS5.

Overall, The Witcher 3 still has a lot of active players on many platforms. On SteamCharts, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has around fifteen thousand players, something many current games cannot gather a week after its release. The fact a title released in 2015 can still pull those numbers talks to the quality of the game itself.

If you have not played The Witcher 3 in a few years, consider returning to the title. This update will not mean a lot to many players, but for the console demographic, these fixes and improvements can be the thing they need before jumping back on one of the best titles in recent years.

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– This article was updated on March 13th, 2023

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