These 7 Free Steam Games Are Yours to Download & Keep Forever This Week

StarOS on Steam gameplay

It’s no secret that PC gaming is the most popular way to play video games, and as a result, it’s one of the largest markets in the industry. Indeed, not only is it a veritable goldmine for exciting and experimental new experiences, but it’s also a great place to market your game if you’re an up-and-coming indie developer.

For that reason, on occasion, many companies offer their games for free on PC for marketing reasons and to help get some eyeballs on their latest projects. So, if you’re looking for something new to play that doesn’t break the bank, we’ve got seven free Steam games that you can download right now and keep forever. (H/T, Free Steam Games over on Twitter for helping us find these.)

First of all, we have StarOS, which is a minimalist cursed OS sim, reminiscent of 2016’s incredibly underappreciated Pony Island. While it may look pretty rudimentary, it’ll only take an hour of your time and the soundtrack is legit class.

StarOS on Steam gameplay
Image Source: Josyan

Next, there’s Effugium, which is an eerie and atmospheric first-person horror game that’ll only suck up 10 minutes of your day. Essentially, you’re tasked with escaping a creepy facility, while unraveling the central mystery surrounding how you got there.

Away from all the horror, we have Code of War. This third-person shooter doesn’t have the most positive reviews to be honest, and currently totes a “Mostly Negative” user review score over on Steam. Still, if you’re in need of satiating that shoot ’em up itch, you can’t go too much wrong when it’s a free ride.

Meanwhile, The Sand Table War: Cruciata is a strategy MMO which follows the historic Crusades during the 11th and 12th century. Players will be tasked with maneuvering across a large map, while trying to track down five different resources — wood, iron, stone, grain and silver coins.

Elsewhere, we also have SAMOLIOTIK, which is a slick-looking 2D retro shooter. It’s not free from Steam directly, but you can download it for free over at IndieGala.

Moving on, we have a dark 2D platformer dubbed AVA: Dark History. Again, this one’s free on IndieGala, if you’re after a nice freebie.

Lastly, there’s some Hot Drop DLC for hell let loose, which is a first-person shooter set during World War II. This can be downloaded for free, though do note, you’ll need the base game to play it.

Phew! That’s a lot of freebies, right? Will you be checking any out? Or will you be giving these goodies a wide berth? Sound off in the usual place down below to let us know.

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