This Viral Pizza Tower Meme is HilARIous

This Viral Pizza Tower Meme is HilARIous
Image: Pizza Tower

If you’ve spent any time on the stranger parts of Twitter recently, there is a very good chance that you’ve encountered LARIOtea pizza tower meme that is taking social media by storm. Featuring Peppino Spaghetti, Gustavo & Brick the Rat in a deformed state, the loading screen for Gnome Forest has suddenly burst into the scene as a fresh, new meme. But, what’s the hype with LARIOand why is it showing up just about everywhere you look?

Everybody Wants To Be A Superstar

Starting from very humble beginnings, LARIO first showed up on TikTok by user @GuyTheMind. Using the song Everybody Wanna Be A Superstar by Yung Thugmashed together with the Kevin MacLeod track Sneaky Snitchit seems that something struck a chord with the pizza tower community overnight. While the original TikTok may only have a few hundred views, it seems that this hastily thrown-together slideshow has gained the attention of many.

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It seems that the spread may be due in part to the Pizza Tower Discord, alongside their social media platforms. Not only is that particular page full of different memes that fans have created, but an overwhelming amount of support towards LARIO points us in the right direction of its viral spread.

Where Did The LARIO Image Originate From?

Image: Pizza Tower/McPig

While the Gnome Forest features Peppino, Gustavo, and Brick in a delightful little pose, the original LARIO image was actually created by Tower of Pizza Developer McPig. Captured by @GuyTheMind during a Twitch Stream during the development and testing of pizza towerit took social media by storm rather quickly after.

Does it add anything to the world? Absolutely not, but seeing the developer get behind their own meme while sharing creations that passionate fans of this cheesy adventure are putting together is always a blast to see. Make sure to follow the Pizza Tower Twitter page to see all of the wacky things that fans are putting out there, as the developers are well aware of their presence on the platform.

pizza tower is an electrifying experience and is bound to bring in a specific audience hungry for more madcap platformers in the future. With its enticing graphical style, and loads of internet humor, it’s a certified classic in the making, and the presence that LARIO has taken in recent memory is a key factor towards its overall staying power.

– This article was updated on February 28th, 2023

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