This Zelda Fan Created Chrono Trigger Music in Tears of the Kingdom, and It’s Truly Impressive

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Legend of Zelda

This is the most creative arrangement of Corridors of Time you’ll ever hear.

Just as we saw that there were no limits to what Zelda fans could do in Breath of the Wild, we are already finding the same thing to be true in Tears of the Kingdom. One fan in particular has discovered how to make actual music in the game. He has used it to recreate a familiar tune from Chrono Trigger.

Bran is a chiptune musician who creates 8-bit arrangements of songs from modern games. Obviously, his love for arranging music found its way into Tears of the Kingdom, too. He figured out that by using moving lasers and different sized stakes, players can create a range of pitches. Those pitches end up turning into actual melodies.

The musician took this knowledge and at first applied it to a simple 10-note melody—a snippet from Undertale’s Megalovania.

But Bran clearly had bigger ideas because his next creation was far bigger. He used a series of clips to put together a full multi-part arrangement of the song Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. The entire arrangement is over a minute and a half in length.

It was inevitable that Zelda fans would create amazing things in Tears of the Kingdom given the immense possibilities the game offers. But we didn’t expect that people would be arranging full songs in such a short time since the game’s release in May.

We can’t wait to see what Bran and other fans do to push Tears of the Kingdom’s limits even further.

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