To Your Eternity Anime Gets Third Season Confirmation, New Visual

To Your Eternity Anime Gets Third Season Confirmation, New Visual


The eternity continues.

The To Your Eternity anime is officially getting a third season, though it’ll still be a bit before it’s anywhere near ready to air.

In a post to Twitter made through the show’s official account on Mar. 12, it was revealed that the decision had been made to continue the series’ production into a third season. The post also thanked viewers for sticking with the series through all 20 episodes of its second season, and promised to meet them again in “this world.”

The tweet also featured a new visual to go along with the announcement. It sees main character and protagonist Fushi looking into the camera with a somewhat surprised look on his face, seemingly caught in the act of relaxing and having a drink. That latter element may give fans pause though, as it seems to be a more modern coffee drink of some sort with a straw.

Whether or not this hints at the series jumping to the modern day and its final arc is still unknown. Likewise, it’s still unclear when we might see the third season of To Your Eternity release and what studio might be in charge of bringing it to life, as this information was not provided with the initial announcement tweet. Given these facts, it’s safe to say the new season has only just been greenlit for production and likely still has a ways to go before it is completed.

Regardless, fans can find the full visual and announcement tweet down below.

Both the first and second season of To Your Eternity can currently be streamed via Crunchyroll. For more on the series, check out some of our other articles covering the series down below.

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