Today’s PS5 Software Update Is Actually Pretty Jam-Packed

Today's PlayStation 5 System Software Update Is Actually Pretty Jam-Packed


Well worth the lapse in your gaming and streaming time.

The PlayStation 5 has a new system software update rolling out today, and it’s one of the most substantial ones we’ve seen recently.

In addition to providing quality of life fixes like allowing you to join a Discord voice chat through the console, the update also provides one with the ability to transfer all of your PS5 data from one console to another. This is a huge step up from what owners have been able to do in the years since the console’s release, with the data they can carry over being limited to that which was maintained in cloud saves or through player profiles.

Other notable perks of the update include better video quality output and support, with 1440p resolution being a centerpiece of these enhancements.

We’ve listed the specifics of what the update will provide down below for easy reference.

  • 1440p Output has been expanded on PS5
    • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) is now supported for 1440p resolution.
    • More modes and HDMI devices are now supported. To check if your HDMI device is supported, go to Settings>Screen and Video>Video Output>Test 1440p Output.
  • You can easily transfer date between PS5 consoles
    • This process doesn’t remove or modify your data on your original PS5.
  • You can now join Discord voice chats on your PS5

As with any other update, you’ll need to hold off on playing any games or streaming with the console until the update has completed. The speed at which this will be done depends on your internet connection speed, but shouldn’t take more than a few minutes at most. The update will likewise preload in the background, so you won’t need to put a stopper on your usual PlayStation 5-related activities until you’re notified that the final download is ready.

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