Today’s Ya Heardle! Answer (April 22) – All Ya Heardle! Answers

Today’s Ya Heardle! Answer (April 22) – All Ya Heardle! Answers

Ya Heardle! is a Heardle clone that offers you a chance to guess a song after hearing short clips of it. With Heardle being closed from May 4, Ya Heardle! preserves the core experience, presenting a new song for you to work out each day. This guide offers a hint for each daily song, and lists the answers for every Ya Heardle! puzzle, so you can get a helping hand in addition to the daily clip.

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Hints and Tips for Today’s Ya Heardle! Puzzle

Before you dive into today’s Ya Heardle! answer, we thought we could offer you a few hints to help you along your way to working out the answer for today’s puzzle. See these hints below and try to work the song out for yourself before scrolling down to the answer if you can’t work it out.

  • The artist of today’s song is a group.
  • Over the years, this group has consisted of six people.
  • At least one member of the group has gone on to have an incredibly successful music career.
  • One group member produced a duet with Ed Sheeran of a version of his song Happier.

Today’s Ya Heardle! Answer

Screenshot by Gamepur

Today’s Ya Heardle! answer for April 22 is as follows. We’ve also included the official music video for the song so you can put the music heard in the game together with the official track.

  • Ya Heardle! answer for April 22: Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down (feat. Mase) – Diddy.

Previous Ya Heardle! Answers

Below, we’ve listed every Ya Heardle! answer since we started covering the game. This is an excellent list to check to see if a song you think might be a future answer has already appeared.

  • Ya Heardle! answer for April 22: Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down (feat. Mase) – Diddy.
  • Ya Heardle! answer for April 21: Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child.

How to Play Ya Heardle!

To play Ya Heardle!, you need to open the official site and press the play button in the center of the bottom of the screen. This will play a short clip of the daily song. You can skip through multiple seconds to increase the amount of the song’s intro that you hear. You then need to submit a guess of what the song is using the textbox above the play button. If you can’t work it out, you can press the skip button one final time to get the answer.

The game gives you one new puzzle per day. However, you can keep playing after you’ve completed a puzzle by working through new ones as the game presents them. None of these will help you with tomorrow’s daily puzzle, but they do allow you to get some practice in and boost your stats so you can show off to friends.

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