Todd Howard Reveals New Details on Starfield

Starfield Screenshot from Steam

Todd Howard has revealed some key details on Starfield in a new exclusive interview. Talking with Kinda Funny Games, he discussed Starfield’s various details including accessibility options, various gameplay aspects, and the decision to lock it at 30 FPS.

Starfield New Details Include Info on Planets, Traversal, Accessibility, and More

Revealing accessibility details on Starfield, Howard stated that they’ve focused especially on making the fonts according to various monitor sizes. This according to him is an important part of an RPG. This led to the question of whether Starfield would launch on the Steam Deck, to which Howard replied that he’ll discuss it later.

Additionally, only 10% of Starfield’s planets will have life. It was previously revealed that there will be over 1000 playable worlds. Moreover, on the uninhabited planets, there will be no means of traversal ie no animals or vehicles to ride. But you will have a boost pack which you can use to switch the worlds. He added:

Obviously it’s procedural, so there’s no way we’re going to go and handcraft an entire planet. What we do is we handcraft individual locations and some of those are placed specifically, [like] the main cities and other quest locations, and then we have a suite of them that are generated or placed when you land depending on that planet.

To make the inhabited planets more immersive, some will even boast multiple biomes. And you’ll have to prepare your suits according to the weather. You can also steal ships that you have to register. Shipbuilding is also there but will be available at later stages of the game.

Explaining the decision to stick to 30 FPS, Howard said ‘The game is running great’. They kept the FPS locked to keep consistency with the performance. But the motion blur, controller input, and fast response make it a great feeling game overall.

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