Togashi Confirms Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 Is Complete; Ends Latest Hiatus

Togashi Confirms Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 Is Complete; Ends Latest Hiatus


The return of the king.

The latest Hunter x Hunter hiatus is coming to a close, as its author Yoshihiro Togashi has confirmed the next chapter is completed.

In a post to his Twitter account made on the evening of Mar. 8, he confirmed that Chapter 401 of the long-running manga series had been completed. He also stated that while the production system he uses for making chapters is not ideal, he was happy to be returning to work little by little. It’s unclear if this refers entirely to his ongoing battles with illness, or if it also refers to modified methods he’s using for completing chapters on a weekly or semi-regular basis.

Not much else was revealed regarding when Chapter 401 will be made available through Shonen Jump’s print and digital publications. No official announcement has been made by the company regarding the series’ return or the chapter’s release, and the official Shonen Jump app and wbsite has yet to update the release date information for the series’ upcoming chapters.

Luckily, some information regarding the chapter itself can currently be gleaned. The tweet by Togashi does show that 401 will have 19 pages in total. We also know that he will likely focus on a new development involving Kurapika, as the last chapter left things off on a cliffhanger wherein he was interacting with Prince Tubeppa’s security team.

Regardless, it’s great news for fans of the series. The Hunter x Hunter manga made a brief return after years without the release of a chapter due to Togashi’s battles with chronic illnesses and pain. The series was forced to go back on hiatus back in December of 2022 due to these factors, and has remained on hiatus to this day.

Hunter x Hunter can currently be read through the official Shonen Jump app and website. For more on the series, there’s a slew of related articles lined up down below.

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