TotK Player Discovers Perfect Vehicle To Explore The Depths

TotK Player Discovers Perfect Vehicle To Explore The Depths

Tears of the Kingdom players have been sharing their wild and wacky vehicle creations since the game launched last week. However, one vehicle shared on the TotK Subreddit seems to top them all, allowing players to freely explore the Depths and search for Shrines above ground without worrying about enemies.

One player on the official Tears of the Kingdom Subreddit has shared the ultimate exploration vehicle. It resembles a scooter and allows them to fly over any hazards in the Depths or over Hyrule while searching for Shrines and Lightroots.

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This Flying Scooter Makes Exploring in Tears of the Kingdom a Breeze

Reddit user Bravest_Coward certainly lives up to their name with this creation. They made their flying scooter vehicle using two Fans and a Steering Stick. Then, they used a Giant Brightbloom seed to create a light on the front of the vehicle to shine a light ahead of them while they explored. The result is really quite something.

The Depths is an extremely hostile place in Tears of the Kingdom. Enemies down there are far stronger than on the surface, and most of the area is pitch black unless Link uses a Brightbloom seed or activates a Lightroot. This vehicle makes looking for Lightroot and exploration in general far easier and more enjoyable.

Other fans have been jumping into the comments on this post, expressing their love for the machine. They say they’re using it to find all the Lightroots, but will then resort to exploration on foot. It seems as though, regardless of how easy a vehicle can make travel in a Zelda game, players would rather see everything up close and personal at least once. There’s so much to explore in Tears of the Kingdom that flying over everything almost feels like missing out.

Nintendo knew what players would do with tools like Ultrahand in this game, and this shows just how much the fan base is living up to those expectations. It’s far from the most extreme example, though. There’s even an entire website dedicated to fan-made creations. Using it, players can build some of the most incredible vehicles others have come up with and take advantage of them to help Link in his quest to save Hyrule again.

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