TotK Players List Perfect Activities to Extend Endgame Adventures

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game. Not only must players explore Hyrule, but there are also sky islands and an entirely new plain the size of Hyrule below the land called the Depths. However, fans are now talking about how they’ve exhausted the story and exploration but are still finding new ways to keep the endgame interesting.

A thread on the Zelda Subreddit has been getting hundreds of comments from Tears of the Kingdom players who are making their own endgame for the title. While there’s already a lot to do in the game, there seem to be many items some players didn’t even know they needed to add to their checklist of activities to complete.

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Fans Compare Their Best Endgame Activities for Tears of the Kingdom

In a recent Reddit post, user CYDLopez explained how they thought they would get bored of the game after completing the core story in Tears of the Kingdom, exploring every Sky Island, and mapping out the Depths. To their surprise, they’ve found an activity keeping them busier than they thought they’d be, and other players are having similar experiences.

The activity they’re tackling is Misko’s treasures. “People understandably gravitate to the sky and depths, but the caves are a whole massive new layer that has added so much playtime for me.” Link can encounter certain NPCs around Hyrule who will tell them about a thief called Misko who hid various pieces of armor in each region. Link can then find these relatively powerful pieces of armor using little more than map knowledge and gut instinct.

Tears of the Kingdom has so much more to offer, though. As one player pointed out, “I feel similarly about Bubbulfrogs. Switching my sensor+ to them once I had mapped out the Depths made me realize that, aside from the Shrines, there’s still tons of content to be found on the Overworld. While not all caves are created equal, there’s a surprising amount that have unique features.” Bubbulfrogs are the only way for Link to get Bubbul Gems to trade with Koltin for unique monster armor. Hunting them down can be a chore, but it’s worth it for the payoff of having a complete collection.

The thread has even more endgame activities that players use to ensure they can remain in the latest Zelda title without getting bored. Almost two months after its release, it’s staggering to see so many players still playing the game. This shows how rewarding the gameplay loop and world are to those willing to engage with them.

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