TOTK Trick Makes Reaching Hyrule’s Skies A Piece of Cake

Link scaling a cliff in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of Zelda

Reach for the sky!

Since Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched – and thanks to awesome new mechanics like fusing – players have been sharing their wild and wicked creations from the acclaimed Nintendo title.

We’ve seen one rather sadistic creation in the form of a medieval torture device for annoying Koroks, while a more epic creation saw one player create a flying war machine straight out of Apocalypse Now.

This particular trick, shared to TOTK’s subreddit on May 25, is certainly more practical and, to readers’ delight, incredibly simple to recreate.

The player, theshmalex, shared their trick to instantly find a platform to ascend by virtue of connecting an arrow with a hover stone. They simply fired it straight up into the sky and, upon reaching the end of its trajectory, the arrow fell away and left the hover stone suspended. It’s then in the perfect position for a timely ascend, moving under it and traveling up into the sky without issue.

OP described it as “super convenient”, which is probably an understatement given how much TOTK requires players to ascend into the sky.

They even provided another useful trick in the replies, explaining that another of Link’s abilities can make it a useful moving platform: “You can also use recall on it if you shoot horizontally to make a quick moving platform.”

It goes to show the freedom players are given in Tears of the Kingdom, with its new mechanics and features conducive to some awesome community creations. This is one you can take into your own game as well!

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