Tower of Fantasy unveils Sound of the Sea expansion, releasing next month

Tower of Fantasy unveils Sound of the Sea expansion, releasing next month

The underwater exploration in Tower of Fantasy continues with the announcement of version 2.5, Sound of the Sea. Last month, Level Infinite and Hotta Studios introduced a new subaquatic zone for players in the Under the Grand Sea update. The new expansion aims to carry things forward with yet another map, world boss, and numerous challenges.

Tower of Fantasy’s latest update grants players access to the deepest and most dangerous parts of the Grand Sea. Wanderers have been tasked with descending into the depths of The Dark Source’s Deepsea Caverns, where no one knows what to expect.


Surviving in such an unforgiving environment is impossible with the current equipment. Thus, before embarking on this new journey, players must complete a set of missions that offer equipment that will help them survive the extremely high pressure in The Dark Source region.

During this storyline, wanderers will come across Trapped Patrol Guard and Inactive Surveillance Guard, two new puzzle-solving quests. In addition, Sound of the Sea also ramps up Tower of Fantasy’s difficulty with increased Dimension. It makes enemies stronger, while also granting extra rewards and chest contents.

These foes may be more powerful, but nothing compares to the new World Boss, Abyssant: Nayka. Arachnophobes beware because she appears as a red, spider-like skeleton. Meanwhile, the update also brings Gnonno, a new physical simulacrum. She is the granddaughter of Nuok, who was responsible for discovering the Innars.

Gnonno may be a troublemaker, but she sincerely hopes to become an explorer like her grandfather. Her expeditions have given her the power to summon a strange, octopus-like beast, whose tentacles can be controlled. Add to that her Mini Hurricane weapon, and she’s quite the formidable fighter.

Version 2.5, Sound of the Sea releases on May 11th. Download Tower of Fantasy now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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