Tower of God tier list and a reroll guide

Tower of God tier list and a reroll guide



Tier S includes the most powerful characters in Tower of God Great Journey. Still, even though Tier S heroes guarantee the best power, these characters are hard to get.

  • violates
  • Albelda
  • Green April Anaak
  • Khun Ran
  • Sachi Faker
  • White Heavenly Mirror Khun
  • Yuri Ha
  • Urek Mazino
  • Hunter Rak
  • Daniel Hatchid
  • Reflection
  • Evan
  • Boro

Evan, also known as Evan Edrok, is considered one of the most potent Support heroes in Tower of God Great Journey. Evan significantly increases the survivability of all allies, which makes him one of the most helpful team characters in the game.

Urek Mazino
If you want a good tank in Tower of God Great Journey, it is pretty challenging to find an option better than Urek Mazino. He can boast good stats and powerful skills that allow him to survive much longer than other characters.

Albelda is the main competitor of Evan. She is a powerful support who can restore the health points of the entire team. In some cases, Albelda is even more powerful than Evan.

Viole is not only the epitome of beauty but also of power. She is one of the most powerful Magic Attackers who can kill enemies even on the backlines. In addition to potent attack stats, Viole can boast significant survivability.



Tier A heroes are considered a good analog for those in Tier S. These characters are competitive even in late-game stages. In some cases, Tier A units are even more potent than heroes in Tier S.

  • bam
  • Yihwa Yeon
  • Verdi
  • Ha Jinsung
  • Asleep
  • Hansung Yu
  • Hwaryun
  • Horyang
  • Love
  • Quant Blitz

Horyang is another tank in this tier list, and he is one of the most powerful Tier A characters. But he significantly differs from other tanks in the game. Horyang is aimed more at attack but still has significant survivability. He uses magic during battle, allowing him to survive even against long enemy waves.

Yihwa Yeon
Yihwa Yeon is one of the rarest characters in the game, so most players struggle to obtain her. She can eliminate enemies with her powerful DPS, so she’s definitely a must-have.

Endorsi is a Physical attacker, but she has one significant difference from other attackers. She can increase her attack speed and DPS over time, which seems to be one of the most overpowered abilities in the game at the moment. Endorsi can easily cope with crowds of enemies even when she is solo.

Like Endorsi, Hwaryun is a Physical attacker. She focuses on the melee fight and has excellent survivability that guarantees her survival even against more powerful enemies. The only difference between Hwaryun and Endorsi is that she increases damage instead of attack speed.


Tier B

Tier B is the Tier for beginners in Tower of God Great Journey. Even though Tier B doesn’t include overpowered heroes who can dominate enemies, it includes pretty potent characters who can offer good results during any battle. But as soon as you get a higher-tier hero, replace those from Tier B with a more potent one.

  • Khun AA
  • xiaxia
  • Beta
  • Cassano
  • Miseng
  • Lo Po Bia Ren
  • Laura
  • Novick
  • Shibisu

Xiaoxia is not only a cute waterbomb commander but is also a powerful legendary hero who is considered one of the best heroes for beginners in Tower of God Great Journey. One of Xiaoxia’s main features is her crit damage.

Novick is one of the best Epic characters you can get in Tower of God Great Journey. He can boast balanced attack and defense stats, which allows you to use Novick in multiple roles. Also, such balanced stats allow Novick to be a suitable replacement for any attack/defense ally.

Even though Cassano is a legendary character, we decided to put him in Tier B. He is a magical attacker with good stats, but his skills are sub-par. If they do get improved, Cassano can easily appear in higher tiers.


Tier C

Tier C is the worst Tier in Tower of God Great Journey. It consists of characters who should be replaced even if you are at the beginning game’s stages. Hopefully, these Tier C heroes will get an upgrade and appear in Tier B/A in further updates.

  • Asleep
  • Hatz
  • Rachel
  • Wangnan Ja
  • Varagav
  • Mini Rak

Hatz is the hero from Tier C who is worth particular attention in this tier list. He is a physical type damage dealer who can boast great DPS.

Rachel is a magic damage dealer who increases the survivability of the entire team. She is weak but way better than other Tier C heroes.

Mini Rak
Mini Rak can be used as a physical damage dealer. Still, you can find much better DMG dealers even in Tier B.



  • Open the game and choose the option “Login as Guest.”
  • After that, complete the game tutorial and get your pre-registration rewards.
  • Head to the Summon section and open your free standard banner here.
  • If you are not satisfied with the characters you pull, head to the Menu and open Settings.
  • Open the Account setting and click the button “Delete Account.”

Consider that you might not get the desired result from the reroll even on the 10th try. So, be ready to spend a lot of time in the game if you want to get a powerful character from the very beginning.

That’s it with the Tower of God Great Journey tier list. If you consider this guide helpful, share it with friends. Also, take into account that this tier list is regularly updated, so we will add new heroes here as soon as they appear in the game.

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