Try not to burn up when the Sun Squad Collection Event brings a new game mode and more to Apex Legends next week

Try not to burn up when the Sun Squad Collection Event brings a new game mode and more to Apex Legends next week

Respawn Entertainment today announced the latest event coming to Apex Legends. The Sun Squad Collection event brings a host of new cosmetic items to earn, a brand new game mode to master, and a big update to the in-game store.

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The Sun Squad Collection Event comes to Apex Legends on March 28. There’s no confirmation of how long the event will last at the time of writing, but we believe it should be around for at least two weeks. During the event, you’ll be given new challenges to complete that award points for the Sun Squad Reward Tracker. You can earn up to 1,600 per day, netting you all twelve of the time-limited rewards on offer there.

However, there’s much more to this event than its challenges. There are 24 time-limited cosmetics to collect by playing matches in the new Heatstroke game mode. These include Legendary skins for Fuse, Mirage, Ash, and more. There will be an event in the in-game store as well that discounts many outfits for your favorite Legends. Just in case there’s one you’ve been saving up for.

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In Heatstroke, all the usual rules of a normal game of Trios in Apex Legends apply. However, the sun will occasionally heat up so much that it can damage and kill you. The sun causes Heatwave damage, and once that builds up enough, you’ll drop on the spot. It’s unclear if you’ll be downed or killed outright by this damage, but the latter seems most likely. When this happens, you need to enter a structure to hide, pick up some Sunglasses from a Care Package to mitigate the heat or slide to cool off a little. There are also improved Heatshields which will protect you from the sun if you’re caught out in the open.

We’ll know more about the event when it launches next week. For now, the new cosmetics look great and are a welcome reminder that summer is coming for those of us in colder climates. The chance to earn new free cosmetics is always welcomed in Apex Legends, especially when some of those items are time-limited and, therefore, will be incredibly rare once the event concludes. There’s no better way to show off than by equipping skins that no one else can get because they missed out on a specific event.

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