Tulin Join Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, And Fans Vow to Protect Him

Tulin Joins Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, And Fans Vow to Protect Him

In the final The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer, fans received a small glimpse of the many plot points set to occur in this highly-anticipated sequel. Link will be taking the fight to Demon King Ganondorf, who was announced to be voiced by Matt Mercer.

Link will not be alone. Multiple allies are on the way to provide aid in the upcoming battles, and one of those allies is Tulin, a character that first appeared in Breath of the Wild. He will return to the series, and players have already agreed that he must be protected at any cost.

Tulin Returns in Tears of the Kingdom, Fighting Alongside Link

Tulin officially made his appearance during the final teaser trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. In this nearly four-minute-long video, players got to check out the massive world awaiting them in this epic sequel, and Tulin showed up, flying and fighting alongside Link.

Tulin initially appeared in the Breath of the Wild game, although he was too young to help Link or assist too much. However, Tulin has grown up and can use a bow in combat, helping Link as a worthy ally. We don’t quite know how companions will work in the game, but we did see a mix of heroes towards the end of the final trailer, and they were helping Link in combat, fighting against a variety of foes.

Nintendo revealed Tulin during the trailer but shared his official artwork on their Twitter page. Multiple fans chimed in with how they plan to protect this precious bird with every fiber of their being, intent to make sure nothing horrible happens to him in the upcoming battle against Ganondorf.

Many fans are eager to learn how companions will aid them in combat and how often they appear. They might only appear for a limited capacity, but having them around always helps. We look forward to seeing what Tulin has learned since we last saw him in Breath of the Wild and if he’s ready to take on the Demon King.

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