UNO! Mobile is hosting its first ever Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational next month

UNO!  Mobile is hosting its first ever Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational next month

Mattel163 has just announced a new tournament for its wildly popular game, the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational. It has been organized to capitalize on the success of the previous UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars and the ongoing Community Cup USA & Canada 2023 series. The upcoming one is a 2v2 battle, with a cash prize of $4444 up for grabs.

Registrations for UNO! Mobile’s Duos International Wildcard Series will begin on May 12th on the official website. As long as players are from the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, or Spain, they can participate in the event if their account level is above three. Since the criteria aren’t too high-level, it opens the doors for most people to try their hand at the event.

This will be followed by loads of rounds of intense fights, culminating in eight finalist teams which will be announced on June 13th. These pairs will ultimately go head-to-head in the grand finale on June 17th, which will be live streamed on all of UNO!’s social media channels.

Since this is the first-ever duo’s tournament for the game, everyone making it to the finals will be handsomely rewarded with in-game goodies, and the winners will, of course, take home $2222 each. Teams signing up for the competition stand to win some mysterious prizes as well.

Speaking about the upcoming tournament, Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163, said, “We are more than excited to introduce our Duos Invitational tournament! It ushers in the next phase of the Wildcard Series, bringing UNO! Mobile’s uniquely accessible esports with wildly unpredictable fun to more players! The exclusive 2v2 format in UNO! Mobile saw phenomenal success in our All-Stars showmatch. The gameplay will definitely provide more team strategies and unpredictable turns and twists in UNO battles. I can’t wait to see our community to team up, strategize and demonstrate their top UNO skills!”

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