Unrecord Studio Responds to Controversial Response to Debut Trailer



Shortly after developer DRAMA unveiled a photo-realistic bodycam-based first-person shooter Unrecord, co-director Alexandre Spindler and the game have almost immediately fallen under scrutiny for the game seemingly looking too realistic, and for making people feel uncomfortable.

After seeing a number of complaints about the game looking fake and presenting themes that might make a fair number of people quite uncomfortable considering the political climate in several parts of the world these days, the studio has released a statement, responding to several of these questions we have a point-by-point basis.

When it comes to whether the game is real or if it’s just a scam that makes use of real-world footage, Spindler even took to Twitter to show off a level from the game’s trailer being worked on in Unreal Engine 5. Spindler is able to show off the game being played by shooting randomly, and even being able to pause and reset the levels, and traveling through the levels in developer mode.

As for the game making some people feel uncomfortable, the studio has noted that it is based in France, and as such doesn’t want to engage in foreign policy, nor will Unrecord be based on any real-life events. The studio hopes to get the same leeway and trust that movies, shows and books based on detective, gangster, or police stories tend to get.

“If the game presents political messages, they will be made consciously or in your interpretation,” says the studio. “If the game aims to be subversive in certain countries, we will assume the label.”

When it comes to other aspects of development, like release date, optimization, and porting the game to other platform, DRAMA has stated that it is still working on the game, and there is no current release date. The studio has opted to show off the game early through the trailer and the Steam page. As for optimization, the studio isn’t making any promises for perfect optimization, but is hoping that modern PCs should be able to play the game well enough.

As for the potential for a console release, the studio has stated that it doesn’t see any issues with porting the game to consoles since it currently plays well on both keyboard and mouse, as well as on controllers. It has, however, stated that Unrecord is not a VR game.

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