Valorant’s Oni 2.0 Knife Blasted as Overpriced & ‘Pay-to-Lose’ by Players

Oni 2.0 knife skin may be pay to lose in Valorant


Spending money to lose the game? Big thinker moves.

The Oni 2.0 Skin Bundle in Valorant was a highly-anticipated drop following the original Oni bundle that was released shortly after the game was released. However, players have a problem with the Oni Katana Melee skin, which turns the player’s knife into Onimaru Kunitsuna.

The first problem is a frustrating, but somewhat expected, issue in Valorant. While the skin bundles are always pretty expensive, the knife skin is always “free” in the bundle. However, when buying them outside of the bundle, the prices are insane.

The Oni Katana Melee skin is the most expensive knife skin released so far at over $50, and players are calling it “pay to lose” because of how massive it is. Reddit user u/N0rmal9Guy started the conversation by explaining that the animation of switching to your knife with this skin can be seen in areas where it shouldn’t because of the length of the katana.

Others chimed in, pointing out that things like jump peaking or jiggle peaking with your knife can be seen earlier from the enemies POV. The Broken Blade of the Ruined King was also pointed to for a similar issue.

This isn’t Riot’s first rodeo with problematic skins in Valorant. The Xenohunter skins were another example where players felt like the skin was too large and decreased visibility because of a radar map on the gun. Valorant developer Nicolas Ceriani assured Twinfinite that Valorant is always paying attention to competitive integrity while designing and testing skins.

Considering the problems with the skin in-game, there may be a change around the corner. Valorant players have had several issues with the game lately, with some even criticizing how long it takes to unlock agents for new players.

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