Vampire Survivors catches up with its Steam counterpart, releasing its first DLC onto mobile

Vampire Survivors catches up with its Steam counterpart, releasing its first DLC onto mobile

The massively successful survival roguelike Vampire Survivors has finally caught its mobile version up to its Steam counterpart with the latest update, which brings the new DLC alongside some smaller quality-of-life changes as well.

Let’s focus on the DLC first. Having already been released onto Steam for a while now, Legacy of the Moonspell is pretty much everything you could possibly want for a Vampire Survivors DLC package. It comes with new characters to unlock, a few new secrets, a massive new map that is very unique from the others, and a barrage of new weapons and items alongside their combinations too.


The map is likely the biggest addition, as it really throws the traditional formula for the stages already in the game for a loop. Mt. Moonspell is, first and foremost, absolutely massive. It spans numerous biomes, with a snowy centre, a northern village, a giant frozen lake, and more nooks and crannies throughout. Each area has an item to pick up as well as different enemies depending on what part of the stage you’re currently within.

It’d take a lot more than one article to tell you about all of the new weapons and their combinations as well as their effects, but rest assured that they’re all extremely cool, ranging from a healing staff with circling projectiles to a close ranged sword that slices and dices waves of enemies in one blow. There are even a few secret ones, so keep an eye out!

And finally, we’ve got the new characters too. All of them come equipped with new abilities, with my personal favorite being one that causes all healing taken to overheal you past your max health, making her an absolute tank of a character.

Add in some small touch-ups and bug fixes for free, alongside the fact that this DLC is only $0.99, and this is an absolute steal for value. If you want to check out Legacy of the Moonspell yourself, you can download Vampire Survivors for free at either of the links below!

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