Vampire Survivors: How to get the Great Gospel

Vampire Survivors: How to get the Great Gospel

The coronation of a new Messiah in the land of dread and miasma.

Nothing beats Vampire Survivors as the de facto avenue to overload your eyes with an aggressive sprinkle of Touhou bullet hell as an integral part of its high-intensity slay-them-all roguelite gameplay. It is also an encyclopedia filled with pop culture references for its characters, weapons, items and enemies.

To begin, you get to choose from a roster of characters that can range from mythical monsters and top hat business suits to a literal tree adorned with Christmas Lights. Make good use of them to fulfill your calling: to kill, mindlessly kill, and don’t die.

Looking to unleash your wrath but with a change in scenario? Take a look at these Vampire Survivors alternatives.

Thy Great Gospel – ascend beyond infinity

To supplement your firepower, along with your base weapon, several goodies called Relics can be acquired and they bring a lot to the table. One example is the Great Gospel. Let’s crack open the pages of the tome.

Aside from its revered status as the magnum opus of the game, the Great Gospel grants you a thingamajig called Limit Break, allowing weapon upgrades past the usual level eight ceiling. Over time, you can accumulate small stat increments (area cover, critical, attack). While the trade-off would be the usual gold pot or the restorative poultry offered once an item is maxed out or fully collected, this mechanic is immensely useful when used in endless mode.

Where to find Great Gospel?

Finding such a table-turner requires real effort. Straight to the chase, it is the sweet reward from Capella Magna, which happens to be the final stage. There’s a bucket list to be fulfilled with the pre-requisite where only standard characters are allowed. On the list, an item called the Yellow Sign must be first obtained – that’s your all-seeing eye to unmask all sorts of hidden relics.

  • The Yellow Sign is located in Holy Forbidden, a secret stage within another secret stage serving as a prelude called Moongolow. Make sure “Hyper mode” is unlocked for the first four standard stages: from the lush Mad Forest to Gallo Tower. Do note completion of the latter stage is vital for unlocking hyper mode as well as Capella Magna.
  • Once the unlock conditions are met, hop back to stage selection and you should see Moongolow in the drop-down list.
  • Exorcise the denizens in Moongolow and make sure to survive fifteen minutes in order to warp to Holy Forbidden. Telltale signs would be the looming red veil – T minus one minute you will find yourself surrounded by eyeballs circling you.
  • Holy Forbidden is a corridor spanning eastward. Expect the usual projectile vomits at you – from bats and angel critters to deadly reapers. Journey to the end and upon reaching there, all sorts of bullet hell will cease as you pick up the Rosary.
  • Here’s when the game will cunningly pull a sleight of hand. NEVER stop and rest on your laurels, continue to trudge your way eastward, walk through the wall down an invisible corridor, and you’ll be greeted with a glitchy mess. Continue your approach to the center and voila! You have obtained the essential catalyst to unlock the Great Gospel. You will have to repeat everything as there is a time limit of 30 seconds to pick it up.
  • From here, return to the mainlines stage and head to Capella Magna. As per usual, hit the 30-minute mark and you will be teleported to an ethereal space. A rainbow Frankenstein of Reapers called the Ender will greet you. Hold a decisive battle with him and upon slaying him, the Great Gospel will drop to the ground as a loot.

Tips to beat the stage and be an efficient survivor

Holy Forbidden has some unique properties to it. You are barred from gaining experience points. On top of that, all the powerups and passives you are holding from your Moongolow run will be stripped away, leaving you with nothing and resetting your character to level one. Pro-tip: try to hit those candlesticks erected along the wall – they will provide you with chicken to top your health back up.

Onwards to Capella Magna, fitting for the final stage, as it cuts you no slack and spams reaper minibosses at regular time intervals. Get the pentagram (base weapon or secondary weapon if RNG favors you). Also, keep an eye out for Rosary – it helps greatly against the reapers.

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