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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review – Accessible Souls

Wo Long packs in some novel gameplay mechanics, but it might not be the hardcore experience fans of the genre are seeking.

Sons of the Forest Early Access Review – Greatness in Progress

Sons of the Forest is an astounding improvement over its predecessor in just about every way, and it feels shockingly complete despite being in Early Access.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe Review - Back to Before

Kirby follows his great transition to 3D with one of his best 2D outings.

Scars Above Review – Blinding Me with Science

Scars Above mixes gameplay mechanics from vastly different genres to create something refreshingly unique and fun to play.

Gamedec: Definitive Edition (PS5) Review – Cyberpunk Elysium

Anshar Studios’ cyberpunk RPG might be a little rough around the edges, but it has a lot of good ideas that make it worth a try.

Atomic Heart Review – A Solid Shooter With A Great Visual Style

Atomic Heart is a narrative-driven FPS set in a retro-futuristic, alternate-history setting, but does that translate into an enjoyable experience?

Returnal PC Review – Helios Abandoned

Having spent two years as a title exclusive to the PS5, Returnal has finally made the jump to PC. How well does it perform, and is it still fun? Check out our review to find out.

WILD HEARTS Review – Kemono Hunting for Fun and Profit

Can WILD HEARTS compete with Monster Hunter World and Rise with its own unique ideas? Check out our review to find out.

Wanted: Dead Review – Old School Action is Alive and Well

Wanted: Dead’s dedication to modernizing old-school action games could have resulted in another run-of-the-mill experience, but its relentless bizarreness and intense combat make it so much more.

Metroid Prime Remastered Review – Primed for Resurgence

The first game to take us behind Samus’ visor has never been better before.

Hogwarts Legacy Review – Mischief Managed

Should you choose to dive into Hogwarts Legacy’s offerings, you’ll be in for a dense, well-made RPG that utilizes its source material in impressive ways.

Death in the Water 2 Review – Treading Water

Death in the Water 2 immediately ensnares you with its visuals and frantic underwater gameplay. However, there isn’t much under the surface, and it’s a shame there isn’t more to do.

Deliver Us Mars Review – The Red Planet

Deliver Us Mars is an uneven sequel that improves upon its predecessor in some areas while failing to rectify some of its biggest issues.

Hi-Fi Rush Review – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Hi-Fi Rush feels like being in the front row of a concert for your favorite band. It’s colorful, and charming. But, most importantly, it has a personality all its own.

Risen (PS4) Review – Some Things Are Better Left in the Past

THQ Nordic has brought back a 14-year-old cult classic to introduce it to an entirely new generation of gamers. But, with only a few sparse updates to an ancient game, is it worth revisiting the island…

Dead Space Review – Back from the Dead

Motive Studio’s Dead Space remake takes a survival horror masterpiece and makes it even better.

SEASON: A Letter to the Future Review – Winds of Change

SEASON: A Letter to the Future has all the markings of a relaxing adventure that has something to say about the nature of change.

Forspoken Review – Lacking in Confidence

Forspoken is 2023’s first AAA game but is the action role playing title worth your money and time?

Monster Hunter Rise (PS5) Review – Rise Up to the Challenge

You can read our review of Monster Hunter Rise’s Nintendo Switch version through here, and PC version through here.
[drop-cap]W[/drop-cap]hen Monster Hunter World released in 2018, not only did it t… Read More

Lone Ruin Review – The Next Great Indie Roguelike Hit

Lone Ruin kicks off 2023 with a bang. Tight controls, fast-paced gameplay, and a thumping soundtrack combine to make an awesome roguelike arena action game.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Review – Shinobi 2K23

JoyMasher is out with a new 16-bit side-scrolling action game, this time around channeling the fast-paced melee combat of games like Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi with Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. How well…

Children of Silenttown Review – Hush

A simple yet solid adventure game.

Valheim Early Access Review – An Excellent Survival Experience

Regardless of how you choose to play Valheim, it is a fantastic survival crafting experience that is more than worth its cost for the potentially hundreds of hours you could spend in its world, and it…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS5) Review – Gaming Royalty

Over seven years on from its original launch, CD Projekt RED’s open world masterpiece is still a stunning game.

Hello Neighbor 2 Review – Praying Eyes

Hello Neighbor 2 is a game that lives and dies on the tension it creates. Unfortunately, some serious issues leave it more dead than alive.

Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds Review – Shattered Worlds

Far Cry 6 gets a roguelite mode with its new Lost Between Worlds expansion. Check out our review to find out whether it’s worth coming back to the game to explore the broken shards of various worlds…

The Callisto Protocol Review – In Space, No One Can Hear Your Disappointment

The Callisto Protocol was billed as the heir to Dead Space’s throne, but sadly, it’s turned out to be little more than a pretender.

Gundam Evolution Review – Overwatch on Notice

Gundam Evolution borrows too much from the likes of Overwatch, but in fun and interesting ways.

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