Warframe Player Crafts Ultimate Drifter Speed ​​Build in The Duviri Paradox


Warframe: The Duviri Paradox adds an enormous new open world for players to explore as part of an innovative roguelite mode. As players complete objectives, they’re rewarded with Decrees, which buff their character, Drifter, in various ways. After a day or so with the expansion, one player has already managed to create an absurd speed build that makes Drifter almost as fast as Sonic.

This build has only been made possible thanks to one Decree in particulate. The Fleet-Footed Decree buffs Drifter’s speed by +10% for every other Decree the player has collected. With an hour of grinding, the results are completely bonkers, making for a Drifter that no enemy could even hope to touch.

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This Drifter Speed ​​Build in Warframe: The Duviri Paradox Will Make Quick Work of Any Objective

Fleet-Footed is a good Decree, but it’s not that powerful if a player is trying to buff Drifter’s attack power or add Status effects to their build. In fact, it’s pretty useless if all a player wants to do is create the deadliest build possible. However, enhanced speed can help Drifter avoid enemies, get to objectives faster, and easily explore the world of Duviri.

Reddit user Fittsa explains in their post that it took an hour of grinding for Decrees in The Duviri Paradoz to get Drifter to this point. By our estimate, they have at least 30 Decrees, and some of those may have been enhanced with rare variants over time, so they may have collected more. This means Drifter’s speed is boosted by roughly 300%, which is why they’re able to run around the map faster than any Warframe.

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This build is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how silly The Duviri Paradox can be. Like any roguelite, it’s open for players to craft whatever builds they choose, though some will obviously be more useful than others. If someone wanted to, they could focus on grabbing Decrees that apply Status Effects they could end up with a Drifter build that applies three or four just by being near enemies. The possibilities aren’t endless, but there’s definitely room to create a new version of Drifter every time players drop into Duviri.

Unfortunately, Warframe: The Duviri Paradox was released this week with a few bugs and glitches here and there. We noticed particularly bad framerate drops while we were playing. Many users on the Warframe subreddit are making their feelings known about those issues, but posts like this speed build are starting to rise up, showing the community is looking for positivity in this massive new content drop.

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